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PREMIERE | The Phoenix Rose Release Compelling ‘Planet’

Randall Radic
Nov 12 · 3 min read

The Phoenix Rose are donating all money raised with ‘Planet’ to help plant trees with the female empowerment movement TreeSisters.

The Phoenix Rose unveil the music video for “Planet” on Medium. More than a mere song, “Planet” is a hymn or musical prayer replete with grand and sometimes alarming images of the Earth.

The genesis of The Phoenix rose occurred in 2003, when Jarvis Smith and his cousin James Keefe started writing songs. After adding multi-instrumentalist Steven ‘Fingerz’ Carty to the band, they began performing live shows, featuring their infectious sound, a sound fusing pop, rock, and reggae into wonderfully delectable music.

A few years later, The Phoenix Rose serendipitously hooked up with Michael Eavis, who invited the band to perform at Glastonbury Festival, followed by Sunrise Festival, Croissant Neuf, and the Isle of Wight Festival. At the latter festival, producer Native Wayne Jobson watched and listened as The Phoenix Rose thrilled the audience. Impressed, Jobson offered to produce their debut record.

Jobson enlisted Junior Marvin of Bob Marley & The Wailers and Patrixx Anthony of UB40 to play guitar and trumpet on the album, released on Gypsypop Records, followed by performances at Vegfest, Valley Fest, Kemp Town Festival, and RawNature Global Adventure.

The Phoenix Rose — ‘Planet’

Frontman Jarvis Smith is not only a dynamic artist, but also a vehement advocate of sustainable living, founding MyGreenPod.com Magazine, which reaches more than 3 million readers in the UK.

Smith’s belief in caring for the Earth is mirrored in the music video, rife with majestic visuals of the Earth’s natural beauty — vast oceans, the pristine splendor of the ice caps, the deserts, rain forests, et al, juxtaposed with images of the disastrous effects of neglect. The implication is crystal clear: we are responsible.

“Planet” opens on a sensuous Latin-flavored guitar backed by swelling strings flowing into a pulsing rock-reggae tune riding a crunching throbbing rhythm with delicious guitar accents. Bright horns and skiffing riffs establish the melody’s potent surge, topped by Smith’s passionate voice, delivering prophetic lyrics.

“The planet will get hot, oh yeah / We’ll never see it again / The planet will get hot, oh yeah / We will not see the end.”

Glowing vocal harmonies infuse the music with depth and radiant dimension, as a creamy crying guitar injects melancholic tones simmering with nostalgic inflections.

The combination of intoxicating reggae-rock with exquisite visuals, both gorgeous and disturbing, enhances not only the power of the music but the obligation of commitment.

Follow The Phoenix Rose Website | Twitter | GypsyPopRecords | MyGreenPod

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Music reviews, premieres, interviews.

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