The Chordaes — ‘It’s Getting Close to Christmas’

PREMIERE | The Chordaes Soar On ‘It’s Getting Close to Christmas’

Randall Radic
Nov 1 · 3 min read

New York City-based folk rock outfit The Chordaes premiere “It’s Getting Close to Christmas” on Medium. A standalone single, the song follows on the heels of The Chordaes’ latest EP, What We Breathe In, produced by Marc Swersky, with tracks mixed by Kevin Killen and Mark Needham.

Popdust’s Jason Scott eloquently summed up The Chordaes, when he wrote, “They aren’t fitting in with anything; they are redefining everything.”

Piloted by singer-songwriter and musician Leo Sawikin, who is equivalent to what was once defined as a Renaissance man, and describes himself as a purist, The Chordaes unique name signifies the chordae tendinae of the heart, what is universally called your “heartstrings.” Sawikin explains, the chordae are “the tendons in your heart that hold the valves to the muscles as it is expanding and contracting. Our name is a statement about the power of music in general, and about how we think. It’s about something that holds the delicate parts of you together.”

Leo Sawikin

He clarifies The Chordaes’ music, saying, “One of the things about this music is that it’s very visceral given the complexity. For me, the key to great music is having the best of both worlds — the complexity versus the raw emotion and the push and pull between the two. I want to tug at people’s heartstrings — and their brains. That’s my goal.”

“It’s Getting Close to Christmas” opens on a potent rhythm provided by a throbbing bassline and finessed sidestick accented by sparkling piano tones and jingling bells. A lightly strumming guitar adds tasty gentle inflections, as Sawikin’s marvelously rich voice infuses the lyrics with gorgeous textures and vibrant sonority, as well as poignant melancholy.

“It’s getting close to Christmas time again / I’ve been waiting since I don’t know when / I’ll get a brand new TV / I’ll hope that it completes me / Knowing that I’ll be alone for Christmas Eve / Knowing that I’ll be alone for Christmas Eve.”

The flow of the song, smooth and lush, streams on luxurious layers of color and then mousses up into a resonant, glistening philharmonic tune riding soaring strings, brilliant washes of surface hues, and burnished intoxicating swells of sonic echelons.

Exquisitely structured and arranged, “It’s Getting Close to Christmas” is a confection of pure allure, charming, touching, and magnetic. Without a doubt, this is one of the best Christmas songs ever, simply because it does redefine the usual Christmas song.

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Music reviews, premieres, interviews.

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