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Over 60 and Better — Good Ways to Grow Old

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Older and Better?

I’ve created a new publication on Medium, Older and Better — Aging With Grace. I have initiated this publication because I want to create a forum to share and convey the experiences that people over 60 have with getting old in good ways.

Getting old is often seen as a strain and something negative. One may often forget that getting old also has its positive sides and that there are actually many positive sides to getting old.

Most of the time we do not think that what gets old will be good. But there are some exceptions. Wine lovers / wine connoisseurs are often concerned that the wine should not be too young, and also when it comes to certain cheeses, there is agreement that they must mature.

But what about people?

The publication Older and Better — Aging With Grace will be a forum for people who think positively about human aging and who have stories that they want to share about growing old. We are particularly interested in reading stories about growing old in good ways — life experiences that count positively and that younger people can learn from.

Getting older means getting better.

We do not automatically get better as we get older, but we can get better as we get older and we can do a lot ourselves to get better as we get older.

This has to do with our emotional life and thoughts — how we think and work to facilitate a good life as an elderly.

Many people apparently do not think much about such things, while others are more concerned about it and think that a prerequisite for living a good life as an old person is to be well prepared for old age. Most people also think — at least when they themselves become elderly, that good health both mentally and physically is a huge wealth.

If you are interested in questions around aging well and living better, you are invited to follow this publication and read the posts that will come here.

You are also welcome to write for us

— just send me two or three words to



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