100 MOVIES IN A YEAR: #4 The House Bunny

The big laugh comes right after this

NOTE: This didn’t publish, for some reason, so they’re up a bit out of order. I don’t know FUCKING SUE ME, GAWD!

I really wanted to like this movie, but man, I didn’t laugh once. And unlike most romantic comedies, where the movie’s idea of “comedy” is “genral pleasantness.” Then, at the very end, Christopher McDonald went “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm no, a baby can’t pledge a fraternity” and I fucking died, so it already had more laugh out loud moments than the vast majority of movies I make myself watch. Oh, also, the reveal of the horrible burns on Anna Farris’ legs after she tried to be sexy on the steam vent. That was good for a “chuckle” (whatever the hell a chuckle is even supposed to be…) Worst movie I’ve seen so far, but it wasn’t boring, so for sure it’s not going to be the worst by the end of this.