Knobber & the Bellend Present a Fundraiser

Next Friday myself and my cohost Orman Gaber will be watching classics of British Cinema for 24 straight hours. We’ll be doing this to raise money for the Hibbledeepib Society, which offers comfort and consultation to frail English boys who miss mummy. The schedule for the event (which will be streaming live on has only recently been finalized and we’re properly chuffed to give you a look at the whole Big Ben, not just its wee will.

1st Movie -Daft Danny: Danger Demonstrator
2nd Movie -Oi! The Musical
3nd Movie -Me Dog, ‘E Stinks
4th Movie -Knackered and Knocking On a Bit (short)
5th Movie -The Lout 2: Badger Chesham
6th Movie -Bugger that Yank
7th Movie -Rowdy Gents & Melvin Lookers
8th Movie -Cabbaged Mates
9th Movie -Pass me the Casey
10th Movie -A Chinless Wonder Meets Frankenstein’s Monster
11th Movie -Punch that Paedo
12th Movie -The Kiddos Get Pickled (short)
13th Movie -Silly Twat 3: Who’s the Twat Now?

That’s all of ’em. Remember, it’s next Friday at Hope ya’ll can make it, donate your shrapnel or even a nugget or two.