The 15 Most Loyal Breeds Of Dog

This dog is disloyal; it loves flower too much

Hello. I am a dog fellow. In my days as dog fellow, I have learned of the loyalty that dog is known for. But loyalty not equal in all dog; no no. No. Loyalty is different. Breed of dog = loyalty of dog, to some and many extent. Yes yes. Yes. These things I know, because I’ve learned them. Now, have my knowledge that I give to you. Knowledge of the most loyal of dog, of which loyalty is of prime importance…

15. German Enforcer: A taskmaster, indeed. But one of loyal character.
14. Teacup Horny Bachelor: Its brain is smaller but instead its easy to trick into loyalty by deceiving it with what it wants- the sex.
13. Gregg: Tell him his beard is good, and he’s yours eternal.
12. Australian Tumbler: It rolls when you say “Hey, roll”!
11. Next Level Long Hair: So focused on its mane, no energy left to disobey.
10. Your Mother, But Dog: Family first, as she always says/barks.
9. Estonian Long Body: As bonus, it’s in a rock band!
8. Jeff: Oh, Jeff. Thank you.
7. Extra Big Granite Roiler: Loyal as a pot of water boiling!
6. Sponsored Content Retriever: Loyalty brought to you by Staples! Staples! Like loyal, but instead of loyal, office supplies!
5. Toothy Gambler: His smile is sincere, friend! Sincerely friendly, that is!
4. Top To Bottom Good Boy: “Knock it off”? He will!
3. Miniature Hygiene Master: Between cleanings? Loyalty! & Out the wazoooooo!
2. Disagreeable Chap: The name! It’s not accurate? No.
1. My Boy: Don’t touch him, he bite. Because I tell him to.

Now you know as well, also!