7 Tips For Your Israeli High-tech Resume That Will Get You Hired

Want to land a ton of sick job interviews at Israeli high-tech companies? It may seem like an impossible feat now, but it is totally doable! If you are just beginning the application process, feeling frustrated, or are planning to apply for new jobs in the future this post will definitely help you! Here are 7 key tips that will definitely land you interviews:

№ 1. — Get Introduced Directly To Human Resources (HR) — You Need Personal Connections**

There are infinite people applying for jobs here in Israel, and as we mentioned in previous posts, having someone directly introduce you to HR makes all the difference! For real, you should go to as many social, business, & educational events as possible. Do your best to connect with people working in all sorts of positions in high-tech. If there is a job you are interested in, ask your contact to send an introduction email to Human Resources (HR) with your resume attached. The subject line should include your name & the job title.

Example: Have Your Contact Send The Email To Human Resources (HR)

Subject Line: Marketing Program Candidate — Sara Kirsch

Email Text:

Hi Lauren:) I attached the resume of an extremely-recommended candidate for this position: https://www.walkme.com/jobs/marketing-program-lead/ or any other similar position.

Sara has excellent interpersonal skills and she is very talented.

Let me know if you find any matched position.


(Your Contact That Works At The Company)

№ 2. — Seriously Adapt Your Resume**

Adapt your resume for each job you apply for. You should have multiple different versions. For example, I have a resume for teaching jobs, writing jobs, AdTech jobs & marketing jobs.

Components You MUST Have In Your Resume — Take Out The Fluff — Assume ATS****

Did you know resumes are scanned through applicant tracking systems or ATS? There are simply some components in your resume you MUST have in order for the system to recognize you as a qualified candidate. This is a way many large high-tech companies filter down to the most qualified applicants.

In general, only if your resume is accepted by ATS will you get the opportunity to interview & speak to a human being if you are not directly introduced to the company. This might not be as relevant for some smaller high-tech companies, but it is better to be safe than sorry! So be aware of ATS, and make sure your resume is formatted properly & has all the necessary components for you to get accepted by the system.

You Must Include Education, Experience, Skills & Qualifications.**

Use The Most Relevant Keywords — Use Words From The Job Description/Posting Itself

“Social Media,” “Marketing,” “Content,” “Business Development,” “Scrum Master,” “Product Manager” are just some examples.

Suggested Resume Format:

  1. Header With Your Personal Information — Name, Phone Number, Current City, Email & LinkedIn.
  2. Job Objective Or Very Short Personal Summary — include what position you are searching for, & your most relevant experience/qualifications.
  3. Skills** — As we mentioned in our last post, capitalize on your transferable skills. Read about hard & soft skills & be sure to include yours in your resume. Remember, your native language skills are a HUGE advantage.
  4. Relevant Experience — Perhaps sort it in order from top to bottom.
  5. Education

Example Of Skills For A Programmer:

Expert: JavaScript, Python, HTML, C/C++

Intermediate: ASP.NET, WordPress

Learning: C#, Spring, Visual Studio

Here Is A Great Resource: Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills (and How to Use Them on Your Resume)

№ 3. — Make Sure You Have 0 Spelling & Grammatical Errors**

This is self- evident. It makes you look unintelligent, unqualified & careless. Edit, edit, edit! Send it to some friends for a second look/opinion. 2 eyes are better than one!

№ 4. — Your Resume Should Not Be More Than 1 Page**

Remember, adapt your resume for each job you are applying & only include the most relevant experience. You can sort your experience by relevance (that’s how mine is).

№ 5. — No Crazy Headshots**

The inclusion of headshots & its message varies country to country & differs depending on what position you are applying for. For example, South Korea has a very appearance centered work culture & if you do not have a headshot you simply will not be called back.

Unless your job is related to Social Media or your appearance, I suggest not including a head shot. Personally, I think it is a bit unprofessional & can send the wrong message. If the job is relevant to your Social Media, however, 1 photograph might be useful. Otherwise, for Social Media positions, include links to your Instagram & Facebook ONLY IF your personal network is relevant.

№ 6 — Capitalize On Your Work Experience — Try To Quantify Your Work’s Impact As Much As Possible**

For many companies here, your prior experience is everything. Often this is more important than your education! Make sure to include all relevant work experience in your resume & adapt what you highlight based on each job.

Include your achievements, any awards, & include links to relevant projects/work if possible.

№ 7 — Update Your LinkedIn — Get Recommendations & Endorsements**

If you are starting a new Bootcamp, include it on your LinkedIn Profile.

Try to get great recommendations from people who worked with you, your previous managers & people you’ve managed. Many HR Directors & Managers will look at your LinkedIn either on their network or using a ghost account just to be sure you are the right one for them.

In high-tech, you NEED a great LinkedIn. You can also apply for jobs directly on their website.

I wish everyone a great week! Don’t forget, socializing & making connections is crucial in the job search here!

There is a cool event being hosted by Data For Good Israel @Israeli Tech Challenge (ITC) on November 26th: Data for Good — Launching Season #1

Don’t forget on the Olim In Tech Facebook page, we have a Job Opps thread, & we help Olim get introduced to companies. You can post yourself or have a friend post for you anonymously if you don’t want your current job to know you are thinking of leaving.


Sara ❤