Glasses Hinges Reworked Again… Results!

In the previous post, the reworked glasses hinges were discussed here:

Now the prototype hinges have been 3D printed and tested with the following results:

I printed a series of swivel hinges with larger bases (on the left) and different sized insertion swivel posts (on the right).

The printed results looked promising. The length of the base was increased for ease of testing. Both pieces fit together, and swiveled properly.

When the results were tested on a pair of eyeglass frames prototypes, the prototype design of these hinges allowed the temple piece to swivel fully to the outside and inside (i.e. there was no stopper preventing rotation of the temple piece to the outside).

Furthermore, there were issues with breakage on the swivel hinge. Due to the difficulties of getting this design to work, I am going to abandon this prototype as a potential hinge design and focus on other prototype models.

Success was found with the snap-in connector piece:

When printed, the connector piece functioned as intended:

This snap connector was quite stable, and able to withstand repeated insertion. When printed as glasses, the connector prototype was also able to maintain the weight of the temple pieces.

However, it is preferable to have a hinge that allows the glasses to swivel properly and fold up. The snap-connector prototype is a good option if other tests fail, but going forwards, I will do some design research and see other options are workable.

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