Inspire Mountain View: A Community Challenge

Olimpico Learning is participating in the Inspire Mountain View community challenge in partnership with Alta Vista High School in Mountain View. This is an exciting opportunity us to participate in innovation challenge working to make Mountain View a more compassionate, equitable community -to live and work in.

Check out the challenge details here:

Our project -Build Your Vision is exciting, innovative and creative, with a myriad of benefits for Mountain View community members of all ages. We are involving students at Alta Vista HS -an alternative continuation high-school- in a design project that combines STEAM learning and coaching at our summer STEAM camps for K-8 students in Mountain View.

An early-model eyeglass frame prototype. These glasses are fully functional and can support lenses.

Via our pipeline project Alta Vista students will design and print prototype 3D printed eyeglasses for students/teachers to showcase their designs to the community. With the help of the optical industry, community members, and others such as the Lucile Packard Teen Health Van, this project maintains the long-term goal of developing a prototype for cost-effective 3D printed prescription eyeglass frames.

Furthermore, Build Your Vision is a social justice project that is highly relevant to Alta Vista’s community, and utilizes the principles of engineering, product management and development, and bio-medics. This is an exciting opportunity for students to engage in a techno-centric STEAM project, from the design/conceptual stage through to production, while benefiting their community members.