Service Learning

Learning for Success allowed me to become involved with my peers and my community. Through this class, I was able to tour Athens and visit many different sites that I would not have even thought about before. I made great memories with my team and I plan to visit more of Athens are see its culture. Athens is a beautiful city with history and it fascinates me. Not only did I learn about the city of Athens, but UGA itself through the scavenger hunt. Simply driving around and experiencing the classic city on a summer Saturday afternoon is something that I will never forget.

The opportunity to work with Athenspets and their animals was an experience that left a mark on me. Not only was I able to work with adorable animals, but I was able to build my social media skills as well. I am a public relations major so improving my advertising and communication skills is extremely helpful for my future career. My group worked well together and we had fun promoting our animals. The service days for this course were my favorite days because I enjoyed being outside and having hands-on experience with my animals. When I first posted pictures and videos of Blossom, Kitty, and Rebel on Facebook and Instagram, I was not expecting the amount of positive feedback I received. Many of my friends from my hometown were supporting my cause. I even had a few of my friends plan days to drive to the animal shelter to check out the dogs. Several of the people in the Freshman College Program told me about how they were envious of my class because we had the most fun service project. Many explained to me that they had no prior experience with hands-on service and this made me realize that neither had I. In high school, I was involved with many clubs and we always had projects to do, but whenever there was a service project that required me to go somewhere, I was busy with a sport or a prior engagement. I had always wanted to, but I never quite had the opportunity to.

As the month went on and I kept receiving feedback from interested people, I began to think about working with animals in the future or simply becoming involved with a community service program in Athens. Because I want to work with people, I signed up to work with Habitat for Humanity. My father and I had discussed building cabinets for renovated houses and I do not think there will be a better time than now. I may not be the best with animals, but I do have a knack for talking to people. I do not want my college years to fly by without making an impact somewhere in the community. I am currently looking into the programs and clubs offered at UGA and I’m prepared to become involved in the fall.

This service learning class opened my eyes to many different topics that I had not thought about in depth in the past. I would frequently consider how I procrastinate and my leaning methods, but this course allowed me to dive into these subjects of discussion. After reading all of the articles and documenting my thoughts, I want to change some of my activities and grow more. The Health reading had the strongest effect on me. I would like to learn more about my social and mental health to improve them. Through the service learning, the scavenger hunt, and the readings, Learning for Success has made an impression on me. I truly enjoyed our discussions and our projects. I made friends and created relationships with my classmates that I feel will last far after Freshman College is over. I loved having the opportunity to work with my professor and graduate assistant. I will take what I have learned in this course and use it throughout my years in college. This class prepared me for freshman year and what is to come, and I am grateful for it.