13 Ways to build your personal brand on Facebook

These days when you’re applying for jobs, it’s common for hiring managers to skim through your resume, and next thing they’ll look for your Facebook page.

What will they find? Hopefully nothing you wouldn’t want your Mom to see!

All of my friends have something I relate to them when I scroll through my Newsfeed, a reputation if you will. I think to myself: “Ok, crazy political guy…She loves posting about her baby…He always posts about his NFL team…” Every so often I’ll run across something interesting that surprises me, “Wow, that person never posts interesting things like this, it’s usually just selfies!”

All our friends have a certain image of us in their heads, and the key for you and me on social media is to mold that. Why? When an opportunity arises, they’ll think of you.

If you love working with dogs, post interesting articles about dogs! When your high school friend comes across something about dogs, she may share it with you. Better yet, she may send a potential referral or job opportunity. Boom.

So how do you get this started on Facebook? I hopped over to my friends at Social Media Today’s site and found 13 ways you can build that brand on Facebook:

  1. Define Yourself (Who do you want to be known as?)
  2. Choose your friends carefully
  3. Decide on a Strategy
  4. Change your Privacy Settings
  5. Turn off Tagging Options for Pictures
  6. Create Vanity URL
  7. Fill in Professional Details
  8. Do Networking Properly and increase your “Friend” base
  9. Post Updates
  10. Put Up Quality Profile Pic
  11. Link to other Social Networks
  12. Start running a FB page or group
  13. Use FB events to your advantage

Head over to the article to check out some of the strategies. My favorites? Define yourself, decide on a strategy, and run a page or group.

We discussed defining yourself, but now let’s think about a strategy. What groups should you join? Who should you connect with? What pages are right for your interests?

These are all things others will see and will help determine your brand.

Honestly, I don’t think you need to run a page or group to be successful — just get active in some groups, and you’ll build out a brand from there!

There are always more ways to brand yourself on Facebook and other social media outlets, so this is just the beginning!

How have you built your “brand” on Facebook? Let me know in the comments!

13 ways to build your personal brand on Facebook — Social Media Today

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