5 Ways to make a difference this Holiday Season

As I mentioned in my main post this week, my blog is mostly about personal finance. But, the holidays (my favorite time of the year) are about more than finding Black Friday deals or the best store to shop in….it’s about helping each other out.

This Christmas season, even if you read this on Christmas Eve, can still be a special time to help others. Everyone is usually concerned with their own issues and we aren’t always aware of people next door to us who don’t have enough but we don’t realize it.

Julie Schemmer writes in the Huffington Post, 5 ways to make a difference this Holiday Season:

  1. Organize a blanket drive: With the blistering cold, many need blankets for themselves and for their kids. (and you can find cheap blankets at Wal-Mart).
  2. Operation Christmas Child: Fill a shoebox with gifts for a specific age and gender. Traditionally, a wonderful way to give back.
  3. Practice Random Acts of Kindness: Buy someone’s lunch behind you in the drive-thru.
  4. Say Thank-You: 2 Words that are forgotten during the hustle and buste.
  5. Use your Talents to Help the Community: Volunteer your time in areas where you may usually charge money.

These are simple, but effective ways to brighten up others holidays, but also your own. Giving is better than receiving is much more prominent as you get older. As a child, you love receiving because you don’t have much to give, but when you’re older you have so much to give.

For more: 5 Ways to Make a Difference this Holiday Season — Huffington Post

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