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A Cartoonist pays off $35,000 in student loans. The 5 ways she did it.

My favorite stories of getting rid of (sickening) student loans are the grinders. Not the one’s who become doctors and make $500k a year and can pay it off in 1 paycheck. The one’s that have to scratch and claw their way to reach their goal.

Stephanie Halligan had $35k in student debt crushing her while working a low-paying job and so she had to get creative to pay off her debt.

She hustled making money on the side doing illustrations. Negotiated a higher salary. Automated her savings and tracked where money would go. Prioritized what was important at that time (“Does this purchase get me closer to my goal.”) And, of course, stayed positive and kept her eyes on the prize.

This is a true grinder story, one any Millennial can follow. You don’t need a bucket of cash to do this, sometimes you hustle your way to get there.

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