How to Find what you’re Good at in 2 Steps (Where should you make Money)

Many of us are stuck in crummy jobs with crummy pay. Yes, it’s not a lot of fun. You may be in this boat because you’re unsure of something…

What the heck am I good at?

For awhile , I only thought I was good at making a cup of coffee, but after trying new things, I realized doing this (writing) was where I thrived. Better yet, random people would tell me they thought I did a great job.

Perhaps you don’t have someone to tell you what you’re good at. No worries! I got ya back!

Over at one of my favorite spots on the web, Business Insider, they had a spot by Jon Acuff about finding what you’re good at (in 2 steps).

What do you do first?


Write down ideas: Write down what you yourself have been proud of. What accomplishments have you achieved? When was something you did acknowledged by friends and even strangers? What do you hear “Good job” about? What do friends come to you for?

Next, think about What Comes Naturally to you? What do you see you do quite easily and others may be slower or less skilled at? What do people ask you for advice about? What do others ask you favors to do?

This is the start where you go writing everything down UNEDITED. Don’t be humble or second guess your initial instincts.


Look for patterns: Start looking for where you see many things come together. If you’re creative and good at decorating your house, perhaps interior designing. (first thing I thought of..).

I like writing down ideas on a whiteboard and connecting the dots when it’s all laid out visually. Let yourself have time for your brain to make these connections and give you clarity.

What if you’re still stuck?

Pick up the phone and start calling friends. Tell them honestly what you’re doing and say you want their honest opinion. Just ask and you’ll be surprised your friends will tell you things maybe they’ve never mentioned.

The sooner you do this, the faster and better you’ll find results. Perhaps it’ll be uncomfortable at times, but it pays off and you feel happier when knowing you’re in the right direction.

What are you good at? Toot your own horn!

For more: How to find what you’re Great at — Business Insider (Jon Acuff)

Thanks for reading it :)

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