The Government exchanges aren’t the only places you get a great deal on health insurance

If you don’t get health insurance through your job, then the real work begins. Because now you have to find a plan for you instead of your employer doing most of the heavy-lifting. This is especially relevant for those whose companies don’t provide insurance or you are a business owner.

Many now just head over to and hope the right plan comes up. Instead, there are other options you can use.

On, they cover some of the benefits of looking outside of the exchanges, more options the better, right?

  1. You Get a Great Selection outside of the Exchanges
  2. More Providers in your Network
  3. More Choice when it comes to Selecting a Deductible
  4. More Options if you need certain Drug Coverage
  5. More Plans Available

This requires more legwork as you have to contact a health insurance agent and haggle through that, etc. But, with the rising costs of healthcare, if you’re stretching your budget to get those premiums in, it’s worth doing a bit of extra research to close some of those gaps. wrote this piece and they have independent consultants you can hop on the phone with and get their thoughts.

Even as a millennial, you might be healthy and fit, but nowadays you are required to have health insurance (or you get fined! Then arrested.) No, you don’t get arrested, but you get fined and if something happens, you will lose your shirt.

Take 30 minutes and learn your options, it’ll saving you hundreds if not thousands this year.

For More: Advantages of Buying Health Insurance outside of the Exchanges —

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