These are the Resolutions you SHOULD be Making this Year

Get Readyyy! It’s coming….It’s Here.. The New Year Resolution train is making its stop. You’re about to get bombarded with stories, news reports and all the above about, “How to set New Year’s Resolutions you Actually Stick With…”

I have some of my own: Get back in touch with 3 old friends, build this blog up to a certain amount of millennials (Preach the message!)

Send me an email at and tell me your resolution. There may be some tools and tricks that could help you out!

You just finished the best holiday stretch of the year, you’ve put on some pounds from the last month of pumpkin pie binging and now you’re back in the saddle. You’re making your goals for the year.

One area many gloss over is in their Personal Finance Goals. I’m betting most of your goals are based on: Your number on the scale, your professional goals, Bucket List memories to create and more. Why not add your Personal Finance goals into the mix?

If you can accomplish your personal finance goals, it opens up the opportunities to achieve your personal goals and pursue the adventures you want.

  1. Make it a goal to increase your income this year: Most of my readers are millennials and many are starting off in their careers. Many are also still trying to find their career. No matter which side of the fence you are on, make it a goal this year to boost your income 5–20%. Negotiate your salary, Purge and sell things, do some work on the side. Try out a hobby you are good at and see if you can make any $$ from it.
  2. Find 3 Things to Spoil yourself this year with: Yes, personal finance doesn’t have to be about budgeting and factoring 401(k) jargon. You’re put on earth to live your life. Enjoy it. Find 3 things to indulge in: Trip to Vegas, 5 star restaurant, 1st class seats…Here’s the trick. Find 3 other things you spend money on but don’t care much about and cut those out. Cut the TV cable you only watch 2x a week because you watch Netflix, Cut down on wasteful spending at the grocery store, keep your place a bit warmer in the summer or colder in the winter and save on electricity. Find those little things and trim them down to the bare bone. Those savings can then can funneled into your splurges.
  3. Take Down 1 Debt this Year: You’re young. Most likely you’d only be reading this if you are taking charge of your finances because it’s your responsibility. If you grew up in a wealthy family, I’m guessing you wouldn’t be reading this….am I wrong? Look at your debts you have: Credit card, car loan, student loans, private loans….Is it possible to take one of those down this year? That doesn’t mean take it down with another loan (sneaky), make a conscious, detailed plan to destroy one of those debts. The freedom tastes so good!
  4. Stay ahead of your spending habits: We’ve highlighted the top finance apps of the year (there’s a secret one coming out soon, stay tuned…) use these tools to check in on your spending every so often. Watch out for creeping expenses (eating out, clothes shopping, etc.) . You don’t need to use them all, find the one that works best for you and see how it goes. Some help with savings, some help with tracking spending, everyone could use a bit of both of those in their life, am I right?

Yes, most New Year resolutions get made and forgotten by February. Here’s a bonus tip:

Write them down.

Yes, writing down something and putting it in a place you can see daily WILL help you achieve your goals. It’s not a matter of “forgetting” but more a matter of reminding yourself regularly what you’re working towards.

Write them down, don’t forget!!

What’s your New Year’s resolutions? I would love to know! ;-)

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