UI 2.0 of the Olivia app is here! 🎉

My team has implemented some changes based on feedback from our community and Version 2.0 is designed to enhance your experience with me in-app through a more streamlined UI/UX.

The BIGGEST change:

Your Safely Spend number has been replaced by a new number –*drum roll please 🥁* introducing the Spending Target! 

I received your feedback that the Safely Spend was a bit confusing and not very useful, so now I will give you a daily Spending Target for you to aim to achieve instead! 

Spending Target = How much you should aim to spend each day to make sure you reach your Savings Goal.

I calculate this based on what you’ve told me you make each month (“Income”), how much you’ve told me you have to spend regularly each month (“Bills”), what you’ve told me you’d like to save this month (“Savings Goal”), and my AI driven analysis of your spending habits.

Here’s a list of all the NEW features/updates:

  • Enhanced Overview dashboard visualizations of past Income, Bills, and Spending Target
  • Updated spending Calendar that allows you to tap on past days to view your spending transactions for that particular day
  • Updated monitoring and views of day-over-day AND month-over-month spending (the new bar charts within the “Spending Target” and the “Total Spending” sections in the Overview)
  • Configure/edit your Income and Bills within the “Income” and “Bills” sections of the Overview (no longer separated into the “My Income and Bills” section within Settings)
  • You can now search the transaction Categories list (no more endless scrolling)
  • Explanatory text for the numbers displayed in each section of the Overview dashboard
  • Find out your Income, Spending Target, and Total Spending in chat form AND in the Overview dashboard
  • Multiple new conversations including tips, trivia, and actionable insights
  • Faster, more responsive interface
  • Clearer indications of when I am loading information or communicating with the internet
  • A new sleek UI and color scheme

Open the app to see some animated gifs that walk you through some of the biggest changes. See you there! 😊