21 Days Writing Challenge

December 2nd.

Here am I, a 20 years old little girl soon turning 21. Am I excited, impatient ? Not really. To be honest, I feel like I’ve been 21 since January 1st, as if I already lived this year of mine and seen all of it. I am however quite impatient to make it official. I’ll be officially out of the teenage years, officially an adult, and yes.. officially allowed to drink alcohol.

For many, turning 21 rimes with freedom. It is as if, that age grants us all the rights we were once denied due to our young age. Sex and Alcohol are no longer a taboo and money becomes the main desire/need. Turning 21 is like saying goodbye to the kid we once were, and hello to the adult we were impatient to become. For me, turning 21 seems like just another common day. And I do not understand why.

I should be happy to be finally able to call myself an adult and be treated as such. I should be excited to be able to make important decisions for myself and having a say in my life. I should be thrived to represent me and only me. But all I’m feeling is…nothing. No spark, no light, no nothing. Am I broken?

I’ve got nothing planned for that day, no party, no clubs, no drinking, no nothing. All I plan on doing that day, is contemplating the past year and the things I’ve accomplished. And to be honest, I did accomplish a few things I’m really proud of. I guess it is also because of those things, because of the decisions I had to take, the sacrifices I had to make that I feel like I’ve already turned 21. The adult in me came to life the moment I started working toward some of my goals and stepped out of my comfort zone. The kid is still there, and will hopefully always be, but she is no longer alone. The older self is guiding and protecting her, allowing her to show herself to the world, whenever this one needs a little bit of light.

Why the 21 days writing challenge?

I want to write more, I want to improve my skills. The main way to achieve such goal is obviously to write. So I decided to challenge myself for the upcoming days. The goal will be to publish one article everyday about whatever comes to my mind. I might eventually define a structure for said articles but it will all be pure improvisation.

I guess I’ll have to stop it here. My eyes are no longer responding right and my brain is already asleep. Hopefully tomorrow, I’ll find more useful things to say.

That was Day 1.

Hi, I’m Femi Nassi, A Beninese currently living in the USA. Writing is a passion of mine that I’m doing my best to develop. Thank you for taking the time to read this article. If you like what you read, I’d appreciate it if you clicked on the clapping hands. Also, your feedback is always welcomed. Thank you!

Remember: Smiling is Curing so smile to the world!