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3 min readJul 12, 2021


Working from home the past 22+ months has changed everything. While this time has been challenging we have also discovered a more flexible style of work that comes with new benefits. Our goal is to preserve this as offices open back up.

It’s not only employees who are changing how they work either. It’s our candidates, too. As of May 2021, the percentage of paid job postings on LinkedIn that offered “remote work” has skyrocketed 457% compared with May 2021.

Amazing candidates increasingly expect flexible work, and as employers, we’ll miss out on great people if we don’t adapt.

Our Process

We have learned through surveys and workshops that the majority of OLXers prefer some form of flexible work. We also collected input from business unit leaders and cross-functional groups, to ensure we maintain our culture of collaboration which our business depends on. Finally, we embraced a set of principles including team connection, flexibility, adapting to market reality, inclusiveness, and being intentional about designing our ways of working.

Our new vision for work

With this input, we’ve designed and will support three working setups starting from November 2021.

  • Hybrid: Home First: Primary location at home [present in office/ onsite location whenever needed]. “Home” is defined as the legal domicile address of the employee in the country where the contract is created. This model is offered by default in all technology, data, product, design and engineering roles. This group of employees will commute to the office/ onsite/ co-working space when business requires (e.g. Workshops, relevant business, team meetings and company events).
  • Hybrid: Office First: This model combines work from the office with work from home, with the office used on a weekly basis or monthly basis. The frequency and number of days worked in the office per week or per month is to be adjusted to the needs and operational model of every team.
  • Onsite Only:100% work from the office / onsite: For customer-facing roles, inspection centers, when access to workstations are required, etc.

Having seen how well our people have adapted this past year, We are confident that blended working will bring value for our customers, our employees, and our shareholders. Hopefully, this transparency into how we’re evolving our culture and company for the future is helpful as you’re evaluating OLX Group as a great place to work.


Who is eligible for the hybrid work model options?

Any roles which are based on online interaction/ online operations can apply for a hybrid approach, ensuring services to customers are not impacted by the internal ways of working.

Is the blended working strategy segregated per person or per team?

The choices of the work model will be made on an individual basis and will need to be aligned with the business/team needs. In the future, the work model may need to change, based on the needs of individuals and of the business.

Can I work from abroad?

Any remote work should be from your Home Office. This should be located in the country where your contract is created, and at your home address. Unless an exception has been agreed, working from abroad will be limited to the cases of business trips and delegations.

What type of IT equipment will I receive from the company to be able to work from home?

The standard IT equipment provided to every employee is computer, monitor, and headset. Other IT equipment is optional and dependent on role and type of work.

We will provide anyone working from home with technically efficient equipment, which meets the necessary requirements.




OLX Group Careers
OLX Group Careers Blog

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