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An elderly person buys a safe, reliable car at a fair price.

Newlyweds close the deal on their dream home.

A vintage car collector finally finds the auto part they need.

A Lego rare sets fan buys a special Friends set.

Parents purchase a high-quality, affordable crib for their newborn baby.

These amazing stories happen every day on the OLX Group platforms. And we make a point to celebrate them.

Because at OLX Group, we realize we’re more than just a network of trading platforms. After all, a business isn’t a thing. It’s made up of real people. And we serve real people with real lives.

That’s why our purpose is about much more than numbers. We focus on enhancing lives.

At OLX Group, it’s our mission to shape the future of trade to unlock the hidden value in everything.

To achieve our mission, we need folks like you. Join us — and next time you sit down for a cup of tea or coffee, you’ll have tales to tell about how you helped take online trade to a brighter future.

1. You live to make an impact: We have over 300 million people you can help

Yes, you read that right. As a global marketplace, we operate on a massive scale.

  • Over 300 million monthly active users (MAUs)
  • #1 ranking app in 17 of our 18 horizontal markets (Google Play)
  • US $1.6 billion in revenue and 18% revenue growth (FY 2021; 36% growth in FY2020)
  • 20+ brands across 30+ countries; +10,000 employees (81 Nationalities)
  • 3rd globally in the digital footprint list by Forbes (after Google and TripAdvisor)
  • Carbon neutral since 2021

When you join us at OLX, your ideas and work will make an impact around the world. We’re powered by 10,000+ employees from 81+ nationalities. We’re a diverse, talented team that’s come together from around the world to fulfill our mission: to shape the future of trade by unlocking the hidden value in everything.

Each month, over 300 million people use OLX’s platforms to easily, safely, and conveniently find their perfect home, buy or sell a car, find a great job, sell things they no longer need, or strike a great deal on something they need. We also help thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses find their customers.

OLX Group is part of Naspers Prosus, one of the biggest technology investors in the world (An early investor in Tencent and the owner of StackOverFlow). Being backed by such a large investment group ensures we have the capital and resources to turn dreams into reality.

2. You see the big solutions: We revolutionise the world’s biggest industries

You may be thinking, “What does shaping the future of trade mean?”

OLX’s networks of trading platforms are about more than bringing buyers and sellers together. We revolutionize industries by simplifying end-to-end journeys and solving for specific ecosystems.

By joining our team, you do more than connect buyers and sellers. You enhance lives.

As customers shop more across digital platforms, they’re confidently demanding an end-to-end experience that rises to their expectations. The best digital interactions mean that brands and platforms must meet evolving customer standards to remain relevant.

Many users come to our platforms at very important life moments, such as when they need to purchase a car or home. It’s our responsibility to help them make better decisions.

For example, Discover how OLX Autos is revolutionizing the multi-trillion dollar auto industry

Buying and selling a car can be an incredible hassle. The average car buyer used to visit five dealerships. 400 decision making points are involved in buying a car. Though online research has changed the process, buyers still spend hours at dealerships before buying a car. And the negotiation process can get overwhelming. For sellers, hurdles exist as well. It’s hard to know the true value of a car and find potential buyers. Using artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and millions of data points, we are changing and shaping customer journeys forever. We eliminate customer pain points one after another.

  • Our new Camera AR layer helps sellers take the perfect images of the car, which helps buyers inspect the car from their phone or computer.
  • Our AI-enhanced chat helps buyer and seller negotiations. It creates trust and transparency during the selling process. It helps the seller answer repetitive questions quickly and auto-respond to factual questions. It even helps the buyer ask the right questions and gain clarity on pricing.
  • Our Price Fairness tool, an AI-powered price evaluator, examines whether car prices are fair and flags the buyer if the price isn’t fair. To make the AI model better, we tested how the model impacts buying behavior and analyzed where it was wrong, and then made improvements.

OLX Autos business has surpassed US$1B in total car transactions since its formation in January 2020.

3. You want to shape your career: We give you the freedom to grow & learn like never before

Just as we shape the future of trade, we want you to shape your future at OLX.

First, with 20+ brands, you can move internally to find the role and industry that suit you best.

Second, OLX Group is part of Naspers Prosus, one of the biggest technology investors in the world. Prosus has a diverse portfolio of companies, spanning from classifieds to food delivery to social media.

Internal mobility across OLX Group and Prosus Naspers companies

This creates an abundance of opportunities for our talents. For example, our engineers and data scientists participate in rich learning experiences offered by Prosus and have a chance to exchange, learn, and network with peers in other companies that are part of the portfolio.

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve kept up these learning exchanges with remote initiatives like Prosus AI Marketplace. This event brought together 200+ data scientists across Prosus’ portfolio of companies. Team members made spontaneous connections, showcased their work, shared their expertise, and learned from each other.

When you join OLX Group, you’ll have plenty of similar opportunities. You won’t just learn from your team, but you’ll also cooperate with engineers in the whole Prosus universe. This will expand your perspective and skillset!

What our team members say…

The diversity and the richness of the programs offered across all seniority levels, from college graduates looking for the first job to senior engineers looking to solve complex algorithmic problems is simply amazing . We offer mentorship programs, Udacity Nanodegree programs, and more than 5000+ courses from leading ed-tech providers like Udemy and Coursera. We also have a program where engineers can switch teams for a month or two. They really find it engaging and they can learn how to work better with one another. We also have the career tracks defined. For those on a managerial track, we seek the opportunity to assign temporary engineering managers to lead a team. This is a hands-on leadership experience with a new team.”
Aniela, Director of Engineering

“I’ve had a mix of experiences before coming to OLX. OLX caught my attention because I recognized the ability to create and experiment here. OLX really has provided me with the chance to build a large, scalable cloud-native infrastructure from scratch.”

  • Ricardo, Director of Infrastructure at OLX Europe
Learning virtually with the Prosus Portfolio Companies.

All this learning and development creates a bottom-up culture, one where team members are empowered to take ownership of their career and their role here. This enables our employees to grow and improve and it benefits OLX Group. It’s a win-win.

4. You love our planet: Our platforms help save more than 59 million tons of CO2 emissions

At our core, we unlock the value in everything by giving items a second life. This has a positive impact on the environment.

In 2020, 40.3 MILLION cars, motorcycles, smartphones, laptops, tablets, televisions, fashion items, and books were sold via our platforms, potentially saving more than: 5.5 billion kilograms of material, 481 million cubic meters of water, and 59 million tons of CO2 emissions (The OLX Group is carbon neutral).

By making the most of what we have, we extend the lifespan of products and conserve valuable natural resources. We couldn’t do this without a wonderful customer base and dedicated team members.

We also wouldn’t be where we are without the support of the communities we serve. That’s why we give back in a variety of ways.

  • In Romania, OLX Group donated €100,000 to support the rebuilding of a hospital section that burned to the ground. This is ensuring our local healthcare heroes can focus on caring for the sick during this pandemic.
  • In India, we started Prosus FLIGHT (Funding and Learning Initiatives for Girls in Higher Education and Skills Training). This initiative will help 750+ women and girls obtain a degree or certificate and join India’s digital economy.
The OLX Group Forest, Prosus Flight for Girls Education and rebuilding hospitals in Romania
  • In Poland, for more than 10 years now, our campaigns annaulay helped donate 27.5 tons of food to hungry animals. We also helped many stray dogs find a home just in time for the holiday season.
  • In Bosnia, we planted more than 100 pine trees as part of our OLX Forest initiative. This will help improve the local environment for years to come.

Going forward, we’ll continue to uplift our communities through all sorts of initiatives. This will not only give our team members greater purpose, but it will also strengthen our communities (that’s what matters most).

Because of all that we do across the globe, Forbes ranked OLX Group 3rd in their list of companies with the greatest digital footprint. We’re proud to be a global, diverse company, and we have great expectations for the future.

Our efforts have enabled us to build a truly inclusive company. We strive to get everyone a seat at the table. Because that’s how we create something better.

Our dedication to diversity and inclusion extends to the communities we serve as well. We work every day to ensure every buyer and seller gets what they need from our platforms.

As Martin, Director of Product Management, explains:

“OLX Group lifts up inventory in the community. We bring people together in a local area that want to trade. Buyers get access to goods that are affordable and meet their quality standards. Sellers get access to more buyers. To make this happen effectively, we must ensure our platform is designed for all users.”

In more than 30 countries, with 10,000 employees representing 81 nationalities, We’re bringing the world together through trade, both inside our workplace and on our platforms. Our mission is incredibly important, and we need talents like yourself to get us there.

Build amazing moments: Shape the future of trade with us!

At OLX Group, we know it’s about more than buying and selling. Each day, important moments happen on our platforms, whether it be someone buying their dream car or an entrepreneur finding success.

It’s our duty to make these moments amazing. That’s why we’ve put together a diverse, talented team from around the globe.

It’s time to shape the future of trade to unlock the hidden value in everything. It’s going to be a challenging yet rewarding ride. Join us on our journey — and shape your career along the way.

Discover all our openings here: https://careers.olxgroup.com



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