What Olympus Can Do for You

The power of blockchain in the palm of your hand.

Olympus Labs is at the cutting edge of technologies bringing blockchain innovations to the masses. Our mission is to upgrade your financial life by building intuitive decentralized, privacy-preserving ecosystem of financial products, services, and applications with unrestricted access for all.

Decentralization is the future. Instead of a single, centralized government, corporation, or developer controlling and regulating your access and activity, transactions happen and are recorded on an anonymous, encrypted, crowdsourced record: the blockchain. If someone tampers with the record, the crowdsourced system will recognize and correct the fraud immediately. The blockchain also ensures anonymous access on a secure, open protocol. However, access to decentralized technologies has required some technical expertise…until now. That’s where Olympus Labs comes in.

Olympus Labs is your key to a simpler, decentralized financial world.

Before Olympus, organizing your life on the blockchain was a monumental effort. Soon, you’ll only be a tap away from:

  • Hora, your wallet and portal to our vast D-App marketplace
  • Prometheus, the app store that brings powerful financial d-apps to your fingertips
  • All built on Vajra, our public blockchain backbone
  • Protected by Lethe, our zero-knowledge proof, offering total privacy, industrial-grade security, and anonymity

For Consumers

Upgrade your financial life with Olympus.

Olympus is your exciting, one-stop shop for d-apps (decentralized applications), where users can anonymously access crypto-finance products and services. You can either choose from Olympus’ flagship apps and products, which are built completely in-house, or find your perfect corner of the market through our ever-growing marketplace of apps, built by trusted third-party developers. Because everything is built on our public blockchain, your apps can never be censored or removed.

Through Hora, you will also have seamless wallet and payment integration on our platform.

For Developers and Startup Teams

Develop with security and support on Ambrosia.

Olympus offers comprehensive support for your innovative vision on Ambrosia, our developer platform. Ambrosia supports your D-App all the way from development to marketing to launch, with:

  • Generous early-stage funding
  • Plug-and-play development tools and libraries:
    - SDKs and APIs to integrate D-App with blockchain
    - Zero knowledge proof library integration support
  • Promotion in the Olympus D-App marketplace

We care about bringing you the freedom to create. Because everything is stored on our public blockchain, you will never lose your apps. No one can ever censor you or your creations.

Other Key Features

Vajra: our public blockchain that powers the entire Olympus ecosystem. Vajra is a truly democratic consensus algorithm that allows anyone to participate in transaction verification. The consensus algorithm itself can be built into a financial services D-App, and provides built-in user anonymity through zero-knowledge proof.

Lethe: our zero knowledge proof functionality and code library that anonymizes the user identities on Olympus. Lethe provides users with privacy and anonymity, and provides devs with easy integration into new crypto-finance D-Apps.

Coming January 2018

With its novel and robust application of blockchain technology, Olympus Labs is bringing the power of blockchain to the palm of your hand. Launching in January 2018 with its base suite of decentralized apps, Olympus will introduce the public to blockchain-powered financial tools.

Stay tuned for more updates on the project at https://www.OlympusLabs.io/