Interview with Carles Puyol and Carlos Grenoir: “Olyseum’s goal is to enrich our relationship with fans” — 16.09.2019

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Olyseum is a social network for sports fans, it combines a collaborative platform with Blockchain technology. CoinTelegraph in Spanish (Fernando Quirós) spoke with Carles Puyol (Co-founder, Vice President and Chief Star Officer) and Carlos Grenoir (Co-founder, President and Chief Executive Officer), to learn more about this initiative that seeks to humanize technology from Spain.

Fernando Quirós (FQ): How and where was the idea of ​​Olyseum born?

Carles Puyol (CP): Olyseum originated when Carlos Grenoir (cousin of my great friend Iván de la Peña) proposed to me to build a network where we could manage (as stars) the value of our own content and share it with our fans. That way we could give them back that support they have been giving us for so many years and also get closer to them. Of course, it seemed to me something that was something all the stars need so I became part of the project.

FQ: How does it work?

Carlos Grenoir (CG): It consists of a collaborative platform that revolves around communities of stars. On the one hand, it concentrates all the online contents of each star in one place, and the interaction of the fans with this content is rewarded. On the other hand, these rewards allow access to experiences that stars will create in Olyseum to get closer to their fans.

FQ: Interestingly, in recent times several initiatives have emerged that link blockchain technology with sport. But in the case of Olyseum, it is also a social network. Does this imply added value for fans?

CP: Olyseum’s goal is to enrich our relationship with fans. For this we create a favorable environment to increase the value of our content and interactions with the people who follow us. And we share it with them.

FQ: Do you have a native token or cryptocurrency? Can you trade in any exchange?

CG: Olyseum’s native cryptocurrency is called OLY and we plan to launch it towards the end of October. Its launch will be conducted in a known cryptocurrency exchange and from there we will try to reach as many fans as possible. The main objective is that anyone can access experiences with their idols.

FQ: Kevin Mitnick is a legend in the world of technology and hacking. How did he get involved in this initiative?

CG: I met Kevin a few years ago in the Basque Country. We agreed on a dinner and had the opportunity to talk for a while. Quickly, we understood each other very well, we met the next day with other acquaintances and after that we traveled together several days to Barcelona to meet with another computer security expert. He gave us time to comment in depth on the project, the vision we had for him and what kind of free and collaborative network we wanted to build. Kevin joined the founding team excitedly.

FQ: What potential do you see in the blockchain technology that can influence the world of sports?

CP: The blockchain technology has the ability to bring several values ​​that indirectly humanize the technology: independence (reducing the control so great that we are all under), belonging to a whole (and therefore more real closeness), decentralization (fairer distribution of control and value) and transparency (something really necessary already). That is what the world of stars and fans needs, feel closer and share the value that our relationship generates.

CG: Totally agree. In addition, blockchain is being used for example to disintermediate governance in clubs, create collectible markets, allow resale of tickets to events in a distributed value chain and tokenize the rights of athletes, helping new talents to fulfill their dream, in the purest style of the ancient patrons. And more and more ideas arrive, some of which fit very well with the concept of Olyseum for our next steps.

FQ: What are your future plans for the company?

CG: Our current objective is to officially launch the stable version of the platform (which has already been tested for several months with real testnet users), launch the cryptocurrency and grow. Grow in stars, grow in users and grow in experiences. Platform, product (experiences) and life, emotions, passion (stars and fans). After that, we have the plan to incorporate what we call “the upperlayer”. We have been testing a gamification layer that we really want to finish integrating to start testing it with different user groups, but we still don’t know when we will apply it. We are very excited about everything that is to come.

FQ: Can you tell us more about the OLY cryptocurrency?

CG: We started a sale of our cryptocurrency (the OLY) with a discount against the price it will have on the platform, so that fans entering this phase can access exclusive experiences with a significant discount. As you know, with the OLY you can access exclusive experiences with the stars of Olyseum. We want the largest number of fans to have this currency and become the way to access exclusivity, special products and experiences with stars, apart from other surprises that we are preparing. If you like sports, don’t forget to book a few and soon exchange them for exclusive prizes with well-known idols!

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Olyseum is a blockchain-based social platform that provides stars a way to monetize their activity and to reward their fansbase’s engagement, allowing fans access exclusive experiences in a social-marketplace.


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The collaborative sport social experience. Olyseum aims to reward fans for their engagement and provide them with exclusive experiences created by their stars.



Olyseum is a blockchain-based social platform that provides stars a way to monetize their activity and to reward their fansbase’s engagement, allowing fans access exclusive experiences in a social-marketplace.

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