OLY: 24 hours later

It has been 24 hours since the listing of our utility token OLY. I’d like to offer a major congratulations to my entire team for this milestone achievement. Also, a sincere thanks to all of you reading this, living this, for being there, dedicating your time and supporting us.

Team and users, we are now a #famOly

First of all, a few facts

What a day… but the year has 365 days. Keep on working!

Commitment is always rewarded, that’s the way it has to be

Soon, this type of commitment will pay off in a purpose-built platform that will reward users — in the spirit of a free and fair Internet should be, in a world that’s currently overcoming massive problems, in parallel to an unrelenting journey towards digitization.

Oly is here, and it is here to stay. We have come to support thousands of stars and millions of fans. It has come to make a common force to enable the most influential people in the world to look more closely at the world, better understand global citizens and improve their lives as much as possible.

Chain reactions: it’s all about chemistry

Sometimes the smallest details lead to the most significant events in life. For example with Oly, it all started with a small hack to a social network together on a challenge with my good friend Kevin Mitnick. That action led to a more comprehensive, professional experiment. And through that research came a solid improvement proposal; that proposal, a company; and that company, Oly. A small detail transformed into a significant event. With years of work in between, of course. And it’s hard to work in the shadows, without showing results, in front of people who wait in eager anticipation. Now we are public. And, as we said, we are here to stay. So today is a magical day: but we remain focused on our mission. After working diligently in the shadows in preparation, now the stars will light our way.

An event, starting to be lived

So now “this event” has launched its first star, and is starting to capture people’s interest — the beginning of an engaged community. I am very proud of the Oly movement that we have started during our last 24h (and long before, actually). We have listed a token that will set the stage for gamification and allow fans to access exclusive experiences with stars, who are creating it with us. This is not a commercial agreement, nor FOMO. Again, as we said, we are here to stay. $OLY, the token to — and by — the stars, literally and figuratively. Millions of fans will potentially be able to buy OLY directly from their social media accounts, using easy-to-use wallets with money that everyone has understood in the past to access star experiences. These stars, who are followed by millions of users worldwide, will be able to leverage the type of digital money that we will all understand.

A secret revealed

Secret thanks also to all the stars who supported me in the shadows. Gradually, their faces will be revealed one by one, contributing to the groundswell of momentum in this new celebrity economy. Finally, thanks for helping me create this moment, and many more to come. I’m so glad we’re on this journey together!


Carlos Grenoir.

Founder and CEO of Olyseum



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