Olyseum Update — 01.03.2019

Dear community,

We had a really productive February and here we have our monthly official update to show you our progress.

Beta platform launch

After months of hard work developing our platform, we are ready to launch our beta version and start the public testing.

We will gradually activate every module and get feedback from our testers, to provide an appealing and scalable social experience where fans and stars will live sports from a different perspective, more collaborative and accesible to exclusivity.

The platform launch follows a two-step process.

First phase: Internal team testing [Completed]

We just finished our initial testing phase, as a private exploration of the main features developed and its performance. After many iterations, the results show stability, proper behavior and good metrics.

At the start we are focused on delivering just a few highly valuable and nice performing functionalities, looking to improve the way things work in the sports industry.

Among all these functionalities we developed, one of the most important is a special news feed that — rewarding specific actions related to engagement — allows to leverage the value generated within our platform and in some other social networks.

The main objects implemented and internally tested on the news feed are:

  • An API-based social network’s posts extractor.
  • A native interface that models data and metadata from posts.
  • A bidirectional actions set that allows to synchronize activity between Olyseum and other social networks.
  • A tagging system for linking advertising campaigns to a reward system, and for feed personalization.
  • A blockchain-based reward system that gives token-convertible points under certain user actions defined by advertising campaigns budgets and rewards campaigns configuration.

By aggregating content from the stars’ social channels to reward fans’ engagement, Olyseum gives fans access to exclusivity from their idols. This exclusivity comes with experiences — products, services and actions — offered by stars on a social marketplace platform, exclusively accessible through the Olyseum OLY utility token.

The experiences marketplace is, essentially, an exclusive and sports-focused e-commerce in which products are created by stars only for fans that hold our own token. Active fans will receive access to exclusive experiences, regarding their level and OLY on the platform.

Tested functionalities for the experiences marketplace implies:

  • Star’s experiences creation.
  • Backoffice for experiences management.
  • Experiences overview and dedicated area.
  • Level based limited access.
  • Blockchain-based OLY token payment system.

Every star will create its own experiences on the marketplace to allow fans to know them better and be — and feel — closer to them. For this task, Olyseum will be adding partners to produce and co-brand experiences with stars. The official global personal channel for a star to concentrate its online activity — within and outside Olyseum — and experiences is an Olyseum Community.

Communities are created and configured through an accredited star backoffice that allows to manage its own particularities, such as personal information, experiences levels and user rankings. Every community introduces the star and provides an overview, allows exclusive content and set filters of main assets: news and experiences.

Fans have their own social platform to create an account and manage it, using several functionalities:

  • User management system.
  • Engagement level assignation system.
  • Redeem system to convert rewards into OLY tokens.
  • Member ERC20-compatible wallet management.
  • Deposits and withdrawals from/to external personal wallets.
  • FIAT to OLY exchange.
  • Actions logging.
  • OLY Token on-chain balance and transactions history.

Second phase: public members testing [Starting]

The current phase is focused on publicly testing the platform with a close group of around one thousand users, combining an exclusive group of stars, fans and brands, as early adopters of Olyseum.

This phase will serve as a validation of the concept and an A/B testing of different approaches, regarding some parts of the platform related to the consumption of experiences in the marketplace and to how to access them with OLY utility tokens. In the following days we will send invitations to specific beta testers, collaborators and members of our private Telegram channels.

You can apply to participate in our public members testing phase at:


After this second phase is completed — and with the platform already deployed on Ethereum mainnet — we will open the platform globally for all the fans with our first stars and experiences, as well as the blockchain-based advertising engine with initial brands to partner with to start our experiences co-branding program and the initial advertising campaigns for the news feed. In this step, we will open the regular sale and issue the tokens to all the early buyers during the pre-sale.

Enhancing the company with high quality partners

We are pleased to announce that Albert Castellana, Chief Product Officer of Radix DLT and one of the NEM Foundation’s founding team, joined Olyseum as an equity partner of the company.

Albert joined Radix last year as the Chief Product Officer to oversees strategic product decisions, bridging the gap between business and technology.

Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Computer Science, he started his career building algorithmic trading systems and leading product strategy for startups. In 2013 he discovered distributed ledger technology and started using Ethereum and NEM to build and advise several blockchain projects.

Welcome to the famOly, Albert!

Thank you for reading and supporting Olyseum. As always, my team and I are at your disposal for any questions or participation proposals in any of the areas of the project.

Until next update!

Carlos Grenoir, CEO of Olyseum.

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Olyverse is the cultural revolution metaverse of Olyseum — bringing stars and fans closer through digital assets.

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Olyverse by Olyseum

Olyverse by Olyseum

Olyverse is the cultural revolution metaverse of Olyseum — bringing stars and fans closer through digital assets.

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