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A new job, controllers in every courtroom, every case, controlling every step and every judge, every worker, everyone using courts, and check on mistakes, and stopping the cases, as it had to be never in the courtroom. — Finding ways out of the courts, really solving.

Work tasks, has to be correct, A-Z. People have freedom, not the ones wanting to earn. Life is meant for the people, to control their own lives, ideas and decisions, it is never from the working, never allowed to own people, people are their own only, they are not even from the countries. All human must get their rights, all are born with these rights. There is no right to look away. #ombudscycle.

We have all the time the same routes to human trafficking,

The people created a route, and exploit it, want to earn on all the kids every day and keep finding new lies to traffick the kids away. Skipping human rights more and more, criminals found routes with judges, and let them do laundry.

If a controller controls every step, that all is done precisely, it would mean not only a court case A-Z correct, no, those criminals then find lies you find to look and sound ok, they will keep continuing working on creating more routes, that you find ok. Playing you, till you believe them.

No, duty is no court case, never. Thus all the steps to out of the courts. And address society. To the real human rights, ethics, sciences, with SEL and academic skills. Professionally addressing them all, and also jail the users of the court.

You need to do the duty, getting all functioning A-Z correct so nothing gets there. It is now used to do care fraud, pretending profession codes can be twisted by keeping going to courts for people, while the duty is and in human rights never interference, and all the people their own choices, as it is also like a religion, the care must be your own idea with no influences, forces, interferences. And also, it is against our real profession codes.

They tried to change the codes, by creating more cases, and then lie, it is a need. So, they earn and skip the real profession, which is all patient-centered and only if the patient feels him herself a patient, and must be done without influencing, interfering, and in total freedom. A person feels when it needs, and then chooses what it wants. There is also, interpretation duty, which never means someone else will decide for you, it means the duty to listen and do exactly the will of the people.

In this new job, you have to be very aware, and prepared for all the field brings, criminals, dark triad, BPD workers, liers, frauds any DSM among them and any crime, and complexes and creating routes.

This job is a duty to stop routes created and to never have them again, ever.

Ombudscycle duty, and each case an ombudscycle case. That all of them did not come to this, says a lot, they do not do the real studies, nor understand people, freedom, and rights.

Every court case, the judge had to be the control. But they are so criminal and exploiting, that they now need control over them.

As there should be no case at all in the first place, and they have to address, so there is none.

  • society, explaining the real law, so none needs a court, the real system, so none needs the court, as there is no interference allowed, no court should be done, society must be perfect already, thus you have that job first, you need to wonder why there is a case, who did wrong then? What went wrong that you end up there? And for the people, as you are not exploiter, human trafficker, nor anything else, but for the people, to hear them correctly to address society. Therefore there is a court to address all that went wrong. Which should never happen. It is wrong already it went wrong and has to be addressed.
  • the ones that come ask, the workers, they will be most likely earning, exploiting, trying, lying, frauding and made this their job, daily the same talk to get done what they want. So, it can not be such a place. It becomes routine, not the law, but a route that works, thus you must be working on stopping the route or solve the so common mistake.

So, then lawyers have to control the judges and jail them.

Report them and jail the cops that lack. That is the lawyer’s job, setting it straight when a judge does not. The field must be perfect, no one wrong, all understanding the law. The court is not the place to change the law, it already has to be understood. It is not the place to get” justice”, as in shaping the law using the backs of the ones going to court, no it had not even been a case, something went wrong, this should not have happened, and this has to be put straight. The judge lacks to set society straight, and the workers straight, then there is the jail. People get justice from who tells the truth and real route and fix that route. So no courts are needed.

So, then we have cops, and they lack, they hardly know the law. They also have not yet control the judges, and the justice system, internally all straight, all understanding. Together, they have to be the same, not made the same, not a sect, but as in any science, all that know the science understand the same. Example biology teachers, MD, etc all understand biology the same.

Then, all can teach biology. So, the entire justice can teach the same laws, as it is only allowed to interpret correctly, thus they can all say the same. The strive means not doing the correct one interpretation.

  • > more science can be needed
  • > crime must be out of all jobs, dark triad seeks the spots, as this is a power place

It has to be clear and true science and true interpretation, no crimes, and simply easy to do yourself too, the way science goes. It has logic, so anyone can do the same.

Now we need a special control every court case, to be in the room, controlling.

The judges and anyone involved, as the duty is human rights, not any of their interpretations, and ideas, but the exact law. Control, and not a judge, no lawyer, not any worker using the court, but control on these people, as none is allowed to be there, anyway, and thus we need addressing them all, as they used the courts, used the people, used the money, and made false ideas, false reports, false interpretations, and have used people, exploited, abused the power, lied, frauded, human trafficked. We ll find the biggest crimes, and over time we find almost no court cases.

All this work is a duty for the people, and fair earning, as long as it stops all the cases, and addresses to the real routes, and is only taking the users out, and to jail, and is not pretending the way the court already does, and the workers already do. Thus we need a lot of check on these people and must see the change.

So no case gets into court, and all are already done before any court. Not deciding against your will.

For example, interference is not allowed, thus workers asking for the court is to be very suspicious about, and can not become routine.

Ombudscycle each case helps to show the forever work on this, by all people, and with the real laws, the real human rights, and to really solve.

The workers, users, judges expect to be criminals again as if they can win the new ones over, as if they can keep the law out of the judging room, and as if their friends in politics can be run in the courtrooms. They pretend that the judge’s rule is enough and that that system only decides. In the real laws, it never does. It is an administrative job, your financial director decides nothing, can only check on the bookkeepers, but all bookkeeping rules must be done. It is suspicious to have court cases about bookkeeping, all the time. It is a process that must be done right, so no court is needed. And we do check on them.

  • So, we ll catch the ones pushing the courts to change the laws.
  • We ĺl catch the ones using the courts for friends in politics.
  • We ll catch the ones human trafficking, exploiting, using the court to try to earn, that have found a route to get hands-on people.

We have seen weak people

  • Criminal judges, not doing the real job, and using people, creating cases, not addressing society, not doing the real laws, and abuse power.
  • Weak lawyers, also criminals, also weak ones. People using bad courts as easy money instead of jailing them. People not smart enough to be a real lawyer, not jailing them, not seeing it, how to do so, while it is there job.
  • Criminal and weak cops letting the criminals use them and pretend court rules, when there is a crime done by judges, lawyers, workers. They had to jail them all, so none can create such a route. First of all, protecting human rights, and let no one interpret wrongly and deny them, nor twist them, as the judges do, they have routes to human trafficking with false reports. All exploiting, human trafficking, with power abuse, and lies, as they think none will jail them.
  • Criminal workers, in gov, local and national driven, schools, social work, child protection, care frauds, just any using the courts.

Every step must be checked, every case must not be in court, ever.

You need to understand the real interpretation and duties of human rights. People must live free, always, and kids will, must be done, not ever someone else, also never a worker, nor judge, etc. Duty is the truth, one line is what we must see, not making it smaller, less, “equal” as a lie, but the truth, and if all studied that well, we all understand it, and thus have no courts, no faults and all people perfectly fine, as then all functions.


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