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Human rights violators: Sociopaths. — All attention on the sociopath, as people did not understand psychopathy is also sociopathy.

It is the same type, but using social ideas. People are supplies to them, bringing them funds, income, crimes at work, and survival. More of the criminals, with Anti- Social Personality Disorder (APD), people with anti-social behaviors are sociopaths (30%) than psychopaths (3–15%). APD also seeks jobs, and will also work. Having a job is not per se meaning you are social and normal. People can use jobs to do crimes. It is who they are, also at work (Jonason, 2012; Lenkov, 2018). We need to wonder why there are so many at the moment, with crimes at work, and out of hand, even into extremism, terrorism, and into war, like the Covid19war. Cold, killing, masses. 1000+ deaths (planned), is already a war (Centeno, N.D.).

  • Deceitful
  • Hurting others
  • Reckless with others
  • Irresponsible
  • Remorseless
  • Impulsive
  • Aggressive or irritable

(Harvard Health Publishing, 2019). It is about being the lie, the fraud, the criminal, the mean, the reckless, the hurtful, using jobs, or anyone nearby, or people in general. It is not true, one being socially active will be a good person. When one is deceitful, hurting others with their actions, reckless with others, irresponsible, remorseless, impulsive, aggressive, and irritable there is the sociopath. It is about the crimes done.

The behavior that is abnormal is not per se sociopathy, psychopathy, a dark triad, a criminal, etc, the one lying about this, hurting others with that lie, reckless with ideas about this, and like this, remorseless when it all is already impulsively said, or simply remorseless, with the aggression that can be without physical abuse, but the abuse in general emotionally and mentally, or just irritable, and deceitful that is the real sociopath.

Because the sociopath uses people as supplies, their interpersonal attraction is focused on what people offer them, or how they can be used. People do that in general (Zimbardo, 2009, p540.). But the sociopath seeks impulsively, remorseless, deceitfully, aggressive, or irritable, hurts others, is reckless and irresponsible. It is about the crimes they do, and use people for, or do not care about people when doing their crimes.

ADHD is not the criminal, it is naive, ODD is not a psychopath, is it doing all opposite of what people want them to do, this can be “criminal”, worse than ADHD, but it is not psychopathy. ODD will leave, like all other DSM around 45 years of age. Psychopathy will not leave, it gets worse after 45 and is the only DSM getting worse.

One has psychopathy when one is an extreme criminal at 15, 18, and gets worse from 45 (Rostain, 2013). You will need to look up all about psychopathy to see more details about it.

Created from the chaos, being locked up is not supervision (Harvard Health Publishing, 2019, p11). Even when locked up for crimes, inmates can kill other inmates and even drag around the body in the jail, and hide the body (CBC News, 2017).

It is about the little instruction gone, the good examples not there, no honor code, no higher literacy to drop the crime rate and to have the best results in learning (Hachmer, 2020, Cracked the code of education; Hachmer, 2020, All types of schooling, homeschool is best. Education is free.).

“Antisocial personality traits do appear to be highly heritable. For example, they have a comparatively flat response to stress. They seem to get less anxious than the average person. They seem to have a harder time maintaining daytime arousal. They also have a weak “startle reflex,” the involuntary response to loud noises. This relative insensitivity may affect their ability to learn from reward and punishment.” (Harvard Health Publishing, 2019, p.12)Also, their brain would have a different structure, but this could be caused by life events, and does not have to be a cause. (Harvard Health Publishing, 2019, p.13).

Because the crime rate can be dropped, and this is a criminal type, also, the circumstances make the psychopath/ sociopath and you can create a better environment, thus you can make sure one does not get this. There is a difference between inherited and not raised well or inherited and not in the triggering environment, also the not inherited type and illness caused by the environment, and the born with this, before the environment could create such type. So, you would have to make sure the best environment is there constantly, so no one becomes such. The few still there without causing it with the environment, might still get better with treatments.

They do not per se avoid people. It is about the cold violating rights aspect. They are shallow and have an average IQ, they show less true fears, they might lie about the fears, but they do not fear the actual lying, and situations they walk in, they violate rights without fears. They do not regret it, they do not feel guilt when they committed crimes, human rights violations are crimes, too. They were normally punished by parents or others for these violations, still, they remain impulsive with this.

They do not have to be looking harsh and brutal, they lie, steal, and have no moral awareness. Looking charming is a trick, to get what they want.

There is a link between lower social-economic environment, but this can be also because one would miss diagnose, and assume they are anti-social, thus go down on the ladder. “Falling off the ladder” is is what people think is caused by anti-social behavior, but it can be simply be assumed.

When people are diagnosed with sociopathy, or anti-social behavior, like APD, they have to be at least 18 years old. Most children stop their anti-social behavior when they become adults.

ADP or a true psychopath seems a bit different. ADP can go away when one becomes an adult, or when one gets older (Hoencamp, 2008, 416–419). Psychopath/ sociopath is an extreme criminal at 15, 18, and gets worse over time, especially after 45 years old. Both are criminal types and in a crime spectrum. From ADHD (Naive), which is no criminal, to ODD (Opposite), these can be with aggressions, but which is not as bad as the next, then, ADP, BPD (Manipulative), and the Dark triad: Narcissism (Selfish), Machiavellism (liar), and Psychopath/sociopath(cold) as the worst of all criminals (Rostain, 2013).

Most likely they are CEO, police officer, lawyer, media person, salesperson, surgeon, journalist, clergy person, chef, civil servant (business insider, 2018).

We could think of the idea these jobs caused the use of social work, governments, schools, clubs, churches, towns, communities, “protections” services, care fraud, all social settings the dark triad can be in, and these are used by the populists, fascistic, frauding, authoritarian governments, perhaps especially when we see connections between the two groups, and the use of the professions with most dark triads, so we could see this as a signal.

An example,

(Special Books by Special Kids, 2020)

With war comes rapers (Hagen, K., and Sophie, Y., 2010).

So, we will need to see it as a signal of war. For example, in the Netherlands Covid19war came at the same time as pedophiles with more sexual abuse in all jobs, wanting to be a political party, abusing children more and more, also in schools, while the Covid19 war was also developing. 1000+ (planned) deaths, is war (Centeno, N.D.). So, we see war and rapers rising, then war and rape related to the war, but actually they were both rising, and around.

We also saw in the USA the pedophile rings in California and Trump with Covid19war.

We need to look at all levels of crimes and understand how all come from low literacy, that damages, then these low literate are linked to crime, and the damage will create further damage, not knowing the correct normal world, have no damages. Then, there is a crime at work, this can go out of hand, into extremism, terrorism, fascism, and war, with pedophiles and rapers too. There are levels of crime, and we need to work on low literacy, making people higher literate, to drop the crime rate (Hachmer, 2020, Learning from zero threats world, to get this threat level down to zero; Hagen, K. & Sophie, Y., 2010).

How the community is used is a signal too of war and crimes, and sociopaths, as we see in the jobs how the government sets the bar, and how normal people become killers, this is normal in war (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, 2017).

The community is what they need more than others, not because they are more friendly and more social, they do pretend to be that, so they get in a community. They need it as people are their supplies, and the people have income for them or other benefits they want.

Normally, normal people are very varied about how they use the community, only when people have a normal need they use the community the same (Hachmer, 2020, Communities determine health outcomes. What is a community?)

Criminals are out of hand in The Netherlands. Children are pointed out to be criminals, but in fact, they do only 2% of all crimes and older than 25 years old 1 million crimes per year, and these are the registered, many crimes are not registered. Also, because until 25 years old hardly does crimes, 25-year-olds and around that age, are not suddenly all criminals (Hachmer, 2020, Suddenly many Dutch “kids” are pointed out as “criminal”, while they hardly are the criminals. It is a fraud-kids are not so criminal at all, care fraud, justice is the criminal accusing and earning with forces and exploitations.; Hachmer, 2020, Ombudscycle Dutch Modern slavery, since Rutte, (gov Rutte123), abuse of duty to “come to appointments, or else… “).

Dark triads use funding, drug trafficking, and laundry at the moment (DW, 2017; UNODC, N.D.; Dutchnews, 2019).

Social loafing happens when a lot of people are at work, and all think someone else will do the job ( DeRue, et al, N.D.), this can create a bystander effect ( Psychology Today, N.D.).

Instead of social loafing, and the bystander effect, people need bystanders against bullies (Stop bullying, N.D.). We can do a lot against criminals, dropping the crime rate, understanding signals of sociopathy, change governments and functioning of society, so people are truly free. So, everyone gets all human rights (Ruggiero, et al, N.D.).

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