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Human rights formula: You.

Human rights, in short, You. It only needs a simple experiment as simple as this word.

Because the idea is a sort of an absolute, although its a minimum, so, it assumes at one point there could be something new added, fitting all this, but not allowed to bend these laws, to skip some, or to make them something else. But there is room left for best, as best can come. Which is always so, in all science.

Science solves, theories are no absolutes, and not meant as truths, yet. And remain a choice.

So, the scientific laws will help, as they are the absolute truth, to stop frauds, abusers, and skippers, of human rights.

Shortly for all the rights. We mean you, the duty to know you. We have to recognize you and to be correct with you. Thus, you, in short for all human rights. And they never change in someone else. Pretending to know best, it must be exactly, you.

  • You know best, yourself. That is the best interest. To listen to you. And is why you have speaking rights, and right to all your processing of input, and your personal preferences, and ideas, and conscientious.
  • Right to life, no one the right to take your life. And born with human rights.
  • Right to register. Right to identity and that is what register is for. You are never owned by anyone, but yourself.
  • No interference allowed and freedom to move. Must be protected when refugees. Allowed to be a refugee without parents, also, then, must be protected.
  • Our interpretation duty of that, and we must think broad, internationally, but not “control”, but in the way of getting you done. You know best yourself, and the purpose is you and interpreting you correctly.
  • We also, must respect the extension of your home, and the family, the parents, that must listen to you and must know you know best, yourself. That is the best interest. To listen to you.
  • Never separate a child from a parent. Protect from real abuse, truth is a duty. Right to own view, and conscientious, and also on that. You know best, yourself. And that is the best interest. Abuse is not the best interest, but fraud is not allowed on what would be abuse or not or would be better interested.
  • Protect the disabled from discrimination, and fraud with this, and any other crime around this. All the same as any child/person.
  • Real healthcare, not care fraud. No exploitations, or human trafficking. Protection from drugs, alcohol, labor, sex, torture, and army. When you made mistakes, restore. Recover kids after child labor and army.
  • Correct reasons for education. Right to information. Right to join and not to join.
  • Right to rest, leisure, and own culture.

These rights are the minimum and never allowed to skip or bend.

And keeping the children’s rights has a process of steps. See article 42–54.

The entire text is about you.

All articles mean, you. That you have rights, that you, count, and you must always get these rights, and you have choices, and rights to your own conscientious. Do they mean someone else is this about?

How can we know, other than reading the text?



Write about every human right and children's right article, the science behind them, the ombudscycle, cases, and work together as professionals on human rights, and freedom. The cycles never end, there is always work to do. You are essential in changes in everyone's life.

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