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Ombudscycle and tribunals for North Korea.

It is a small country, with about 25 million people. We have almost 8 billion people in the world. The world has just 250 countries, and thus 250 world leaders, that must do the human rights, as a human right service for the people.

Ombudscycle – Medium

— Since 1948 there is a dictatorship by one family, which is further exploited after the death of this “leader”.

“The Soviet Union declared war on Japan on 8 August 1945.”(Wikipedia, N.D., Kim II-sung, p. 11)

“Kim arrived in the Korean port of Wonsan on 19 September 1945 after 26 years in exile.[24]:51 According to Leonid Vassin, an officer with the Soviet MVD, Kim was essentially “created from zero”. For one, his Korean was marginal at best; he only had eight years of formal education, all of it in Chinese. He needed considerable coaching to read a speech (which the MVD prepared for him) at a Communist Party congress three days after he arrived” (Wikipedia, N.D., Kim II-sung, p. 12)

“In December 1945, the Soviets installed Kim as First Secretary of the North Korean Branch Bureau of the Korean Communist Party.[24]:56 Originally, the Soviets preferred Cho Man-sik to lead a popular front government, but Cho refused to support a UN-backed trusteeship and clashed with Kim.[31] General Terentii Shtykov, who led the Soviet occupation of northern Korea, supported Kim over Pak Hon-yong to lead the Provisional People’s Committee for North Korea on 8 February 1946.[32] As chairman of the committee, Kim was “the top Korean administrative leader in the North,” though he was still de facto subordinate to General Shtykov until the Chinese intervention in the Korean War” (Wikipedia, N.D., Kim II-sung, p. 13)

“To solidify his control, Kim established the Korean People’s Army (KPA), aligned with the Communist Party, and he recruited a cadre of guerrillas and former soldiers who had gained combat experience in battles against the Japanese and later against Nationalist Chinese troops.[33] Using Soviet advisers and equipment, Kim constructed a large army skilled in infiltration tactics and guerrilla warfare. Prior to Kim’s invasion of the South in 1950, which triggered the Korean War, Stalin equipped the KPA with modern, Soviet-built medium tanks, trucks, artillery, and small arms. Kim also formed an air force, equipped at first with Soviet-built propeller-driven fighters and attack aircraft. Later, North Korean pilot candidates were sent to the Soviet Union and China to train in MiG-15 jet aircraft at secret bases.” (Wikipedia, N.D., Kim II-sung, p. 14)



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