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Ombudscycle and tribunals: The global pandemic of stolen children: The Dutch human trafficking through the court. — Making files sound, and making illegal things look legal with laundry through judges.

Human rights are a duty, and firstly, what all must do. Same as ethics. Criminals know where this is going, they will be caught. We will need to collect all information given to people, collect all that is done, teach people what the exact human rights interpretation is, and how to do ombudscycles, and tribunals catching criminals. With the extra attention to them using their jobs to do crimes, the place where all could be and had to be perfect. Also, we need to know and teach, what international laws are, and loss of sovereignty, which is right after human rights violations. Also, how everyone can do tribunals without judges. So, all have access to their human rights, right away, and no one steals children, nor people in general, anymore. Also, so no one forces, interfere, influences, nor exploits. So, all will only create absolute truth and absolute true freedom for all, without violating human rights.

It is a global pandemic, stolen children, but read here more on the Dutch situation.

  • We need ombudscycles and tribunals for all in the world.
  • We need to look at the entire history of exploiting children, stealing children and not protecting families and children from this.

All needs to be solved. Ombudscycles help this never happens again. Tribunals help everyone to stop governments, workers, simply anyone from taking our children, because of the human rights violations, so we get right away access to our human rights, which is also, all kids never separated from the mother/parent. Human rights violations cause also loss of sovereignty for all violators. Judges, government, justice, etc, not any job, has the right to pretend they are allowed to separate children from their mother/parent. They are below the government, the jobs and the government, also their judges, simply are peer reviewers in the human rights, which are not the human rights law makers, nor judges on human rights, where all humans are always above them all. Where all always must obey human rights laws, and never have the right to separate the kids from their mother/parent. They even must do the exact will of the child, the way the child says the interpretation should be. Also, they are not allowed to interfere, force, influence etc the kids nor families, nor anyone. Their job is something else, a human rights service, with a protection against these crimes.

We need to collect all information that is given to all people and check it.

With absolute science, human rights, absolute truth, ethics, true professions codes, what that truly means, and what truly had to happen. Also, how the workers, government, and systems lost sovereignty.

We need to collect how things had to be done.

In the framework of law:

  • With all humans above it all, doing tribunals without judges, so they have access right away to their human rights.
  • With the loss of sovereignty when one violates human rights.
  • With the loss of sovereignty for countries, so people get new countries, that do, do human rights, correctly.

With absolute truth:

  • In science, where theories are like religion, believes, own opinions, and own choices, and not yet truth. Only scientific laws are absolute truth and with math formulas.
  • In ethics, there are boundaries, like death, and damages in experiments, which makes experiments unethical. Also, privacy and all care are for the people themselves, only if they want it.
  • In human rights, all is about absolute truth in what humans need. No one is allowed to violate human rights. All people must be absolutely free, without violating other people's rights.
  • In courts, there is a duty of absolute truth, completeness, and collecting evidence, and information in a correct way. Courts should not be used, having court cases violates human rights, at the same time, when one does have a court case it must be done correctly, with no violations. There are many rules to this, and actually not allowed to have court cases at all.
  • In any job, all jobs are related to science, and we must do the absolute truth in all science. Only natural forces like absolute truth will force naturally. We are never allowed to violate ethics, human rights, our science duties, nor to give information to courts, etc. The purpose of any job is to be a human rights service, for the people, never against the people.
  • In governments, they must do the absolute truth, it is the only force, and a natural force. Governments must do the human rights, and are a human rights service only, never allowed to force, interfere, influence anyone. All is meant so the people can be free, choose what they want, and have access to their human rights.

Never violating human rights:

  • With the humans above all.
  • All must be human rights services only.
  • All must be for the human, never against the human.
  • All must be absolutely true.
  • No one is allowed to force, interfere, influence people.
  • All is about the absolute freedom of people.
  • All people are born with human rights.
  • All people are competent by law, no matter what science says, which are mainly doing theories on these topics. It is already proven all humans are competent, thus also by law. Also, all kids.
  • We must do what kids want, which is easy, because it is also, without violating human rights. So, they can do all they want, like anyone, simply, without violating human rights. So, this is very safe.
  • With interpretation duty, without what others think, kids mean, but you, yourself must interpret them correctly, the way they say it is meant.

(Ruggiero, et al., N.D.).


Ruggiero, R., et al. (N.D.) Children’s Human Rights — An Interdisciplinary Introduction. The University of Geneva through Coursera. Retrieved from

The Levin Institute (2016) Globalization 101. The New York State University. Retrieved from

We will need to teach the people this exact human rights interpretation.

And understand the point of it, that all people truly live who they are, and live the life they want. We will need to understand the natural functioning of people and all on earth. Absolute truth is what human rights mean, the absolute truth on the functioning of humans. They need basic needs, so they can naturally function, without them, they cannot function in the true meaning of who they are.

The lessons in “schools” need to be first that, firstly, the human rights and ethics. At the same time, schooling must be done differently.

The way science explains is best, and in the ways, parents choose education for their kids, and in the way, kids want, including without force to school and work, without child labor which schooling in school buildings is (Ruggier, et al., N.D.). Also, including all the science in schools, so we have all options and are aware school buildings give the least results. Also, that unschooling is fine, because parents must simply be engaged with the kids, and kids will learn everything with the parents, naturally, where unschooled have just a bit under GPA 3 out of 4, in the USA, and homeschooled with little instruction GPA 3+ out of 4, so it is about the same. And we do have to make all jobs the best, so there is a curriculum required for jobs, and thus people will learn the curriculum, but unschooled learn that over time when they are wanting to work. Where little children their IQ is low, from 16 children have the IQ they will have in their life. From 23–28, their decision-making and ID develop in their brain, so they will have to learn consciously what they want, and when they can decide what they want in life, without child labor, nor force to study and work, also, they will learn faster than small children. They will do k12 in 1.5 years, while little kids need from kindergarten age till 18 years old, for the same. Then, both need about 4–10 years for their bachelor's degree, then 1–2 years for a master's degree, and 1 -3 years for a Ph.D. degree. When the little children have their k12 and add their degrees, on average one is 45 years old when having a Ph.D. degree, or a management position. And one starting late, for example from 28 years of age, with k12 and the degrees, til Ph.D. level, they are 34–45 years of age, thus they are early, or on time. So, the age and IQ is what makes kids work a long time on their schooling while being free, the way human rights demands, so including the right to join, would lead to better GPA, better development, and more time to do other things, first. Or to learn in the way kids want, first. Plus, when one wants to work, they study for the curriculum, consciously. Kids have the right to join, no one is allowed to force. The right to join is not right to force.

We will start over and over on this, to keep the correct interpretation.

Everyone needs to study this, and find the absolute truth on this. Like all in science, we repeat and repeat all ever found before.

Human rights are our only duty.

We cannot force, interfere, influence, we cannot violate human rights, at any time. So, we will need to study how to get it done, that everyone know the exact interpretation of all human rights, without violating human rights.

We had many in jobs lie they were needed, so they earn money, also by stealing children.

We had many government institutions, schools, care, local governments, youth care, churches, “child protection”, justice, cops, social work, judges, foster parents, etc using their opinions, lies, frauds, and pretend they were needed.

The usage of judges is not allowed, we are not allowed to create a constant route to judges, to try to get things done. The use of court is a human rights violation. If there is a case all must be done exact, correct and without human rights violations. A fair trial means for the rare moments of cases, still any case is a violation.

There are strict rules on what to do when a court case is needed (Ruggiero, et al., N.D.)

Everything had to be A-Z correct, already.

They even made it hard on me and everyone to collect science, and to set all jobs straight. Their managers are a big problem. They were wrong in managing, while it is something so simple. Their duty to set all straight to this simple way all has to go, at all times. They show to not know their true jobs.

  • There is only one way allowed to do things, absolute truth, human rights, ethics, etc this was their job to have that correct A-Z, and fire all people that were wrong, before things went wrong. Also, to not join in wrong systems, to not use them, to even set them straight. Also, to arrange whistleblower money, teach about ombudscycles, tribunals, and the true framework, the true place of every job, and to create knowledge. Thats true managing the job, from A-Z. Thats being professional. Understanding the true job, totally. Not participating in crimes.
  • They had to be task-oriented, and get the crimes out of the workplaces, also the DSM. Especially the ones in the crime spectrum. They had to be perfect so no one gets damaged, nor develops DSM, nor goes into crimes.
  • There was already the duty no power abuse, no incapability, in their jobs. Also, arbowet duties. Human rights duties etc.
  • They became easy earning money, exploiting and human trafficking young people, with systems.

We need all extra attention to these extreme crimes done to young people, and kids and families, which had to be protected firstly against them.

They had to create everything so no one would experience this.

Absolute freedom, and truth, is the duty, they had to take care of this.

So it's a simple tribunal, but with lots of people to punish, and too lots to set straight.

  • We need to collect all information on everyone that started to use kids and families.
  • Also all they said, all their lacks, all the crimes and DSM they exposed us to, all the incapability, all the power abuse.
  • And the routes they didn't want to take, because of their personal preferences, opinions, benefits, and DSM and crimes, Etc.
  • Also, what they have done, precisely, and why.
  • Also who they used to get their crimes done.
  • Also, how they could do laundry through the court.
  • How they also kept people away from the truth, a total different world is true, than what they did.

We need to punish them even harder for all they blocked, like people like me. Also, all rights they blocked for everyone. We need to ensure, people like me can work on human rights, never being used, never the kids exploited, just because of this work, never are asked to exploit, human traffick, abuse power, use my jobs against the kids and families. They interfered, found me an easy target, like all parents and kids, as they could exploit them. They do this to anyone, but also especially to people with jobs, like me.

Also, they had to solve their own past, that made them criminal.

But there is so much more to do. We need to see everyone free, no one using of the peoples passports, also not the usage of courts, governments, etc. Not the dragging into systems, so they “create jobs” that earn on us, which is exploitation, and violating human rights, in any way.

Their past causes an idea on how to treat people, so we need to solve their problems.

Because their crimes are related to income, through government money, we need to solve money issues.

They use routes to get income from all the taxes collected, by lying on the market they are so needed, in fact, no one needs them, they are not allowed to work at all, in many ways, and damage the people. We need to work on the true income, or the puzzle of no money.

There are a few options, a life with no money, a life with money, where we find solutions, or a country that cannot make money without asking for taxes, gives up, cause it is no true provider, or a country that cannot make money without asking for taxes, creates money, and studies on this to find the absolute truth, how no one gets into trouble, and everyone gets a good income, without paying taxes, by creating more money, but in a way, it does not let the money lose value. That is a science that has to be done, to get that done.

  • No one is allowed to ask anything in return. So, also no taxes.
  • There is this puzzle to do, if the gov cannot provide for us, we go to the next, and next government, etc till the last government has all people of the world, and provides, or not. Then, there is no money. We will have to arrange something else, than using tax money. If we cant do this, then, there is no life with money.
  • Especially because we can make money online, without any real money, we can arrange the correct income for all. We can puzzle this out.

It had to be puzzled out before anyone used money, but that time was not that far in science, ethics, human rights, etc, so that was not done. Money can be very unethical, in science it could be proven as not allowed to use, because it causes deaths. In human rights it could be proven to not be allowed to use it as it violates human rights, etc. All governments showed they are low literate, and didn't show they firstly studied this solution, they lacked and dragged all into these faults, by just using the things created in the past, and not changing it into what it should be.

Because their crimes are on the highest levels, we have to look at many things.

Because their crimes are related to classicide, thus genocide, also, war, in a built up to war, ethics violations, human rights violations, thus also international law, we have to look at many more things.

Many courts, tribunals, and ombudscycles.

We have to solve, all firstly, that work still has to be done and can be paid by the government, as we need an adjustment time.

Everyone can think, all can be paid to help us think about all options, first. Before we create a society, or use the society, or are in society. We need to know the absolute truth first, so we don’t make mistakes. Simply puzzle all out.

Some love to work, and will do anything for money, the jobs will be done. The world is full of people. If we don't want to do something, in the world, there will be people wanting to do that job. We need to make sure everyone gets the same world, the same best.

So, everyone needs time to think. Still, some will love to do all the work. In the end, all will find their place, their things to do, that is contributing, at all times. It will safe us a lot of damage, illegal things, and will correct society before things go even more wrong.

The fake governments needs more attention so we stop it and create new governments, and countries.

The fake system of gov, courts, which are not allowed to be this way, is worse, it is fake, it is untrue, it is damaging. Paying out people in a fake country, and fake government is simply a very expensive welfare in return for bad work done, in a fake country, and government, with fake jobs too, and people in uncertainty, in a lie, with actually the right to know who they truly are, and to have free space to develop themselves, truly. It is gov money, used for exploitation, even human trafficking, and they let the jobs in that country do all that crime, they are still responsible, even when they lost sovereignty, a long time ago.

A true scholar would not fall for this. We know to be precise, to not violate, and to never violate. So, we see they lack a lot, a lot of knowledge, too. And just continue cause it now “works”, they think. They get money this way, and that made them think, it is legal, or effective. They think things are true when they earn, in fact it must be payed back, and they are criminals, with not even a real country, as they lack human rights, thus loss of sovereignty, and the people belonging to their own new country, they have the right to create, or to the new country they move too.

Being stateless truly, gives also rights, they have the right, too (Caux, N.D.).


Caux, H. (N.D.) UN Conventions on Statelessness. unhcr. Retrieved from




Write about every human right and children's right article, the science behind them, the ombudscycle, cases, and work together as professionals on human rights, and freedom. The cycles never end, there is always work to do. You are essential in changes in everyone's life.

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