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Ombudscycle human rights mistakes in the Netherlands.

Every case is expensive, all Dutch citizens pay for it. We should have no violations and no costs on violations. All countries should not have violations, thus also no costs on violations. When the country is wrong, everyone pays. The cases cause damage in everyone s life, so how is that set straight, too?

People should earn on their human rights work, like ombudscycles work, as they never end, this is fair earning, but violations have a lot of costs, and damages, that should never happen, and everyone is used for these mistakes and costs. People with extreme ideas like the extreme right, or people with other violating ideas, in their parties, in their lives, at their work, will cost us a lot, as we can understand before they live and work here, they will violate. An entire process is used, while their ideas are already criminal, in many ways, also violating human rights, so, we need to stop them before they work, and live in the Netherlands like that. They assume in their own country they can use others and do these crimes as if who is chosen decides the laws. So, they work hard on getting parties and people voting for them, as if then, the laws can be changed.

Systems are made with illegal ideas, and everyone is put through these ideas as if they are duty. It is brainwashing, an attempt to change the true ruling laws, like human rights, also it creates more changes, as people are brainwashed, inspired to be wrong, etc.

Schools influence political ideas (DeRue, et al., N.D.), the forced schooling, forces these ideas, and is a violation in many ways, too. This also is where these mistakes in the laws come from when they come from political ideas, as they are developed in the schools.

People need to live with their human rights, they are born with these rights (Ruggiero, et al., N.D.).

How much did this entire process cost? How much did the people have to do? How easily could the Dutch know, and had to do the human rights, but refused?

What was the mistake in the system to not get the law changed right away, without UN?

Who tried to not do human rights? Who did not know them correctly?

We need to find all violations and change the laws, so there are no violations, everywhere.

Does everyone get their human rights, at all times. Is schooling free from violations, and not influencing politics? When there are violations and schooling is forced, not truly their own choices, they are influenced wrongly, thus mistakes are possible, too.

We need to study all these mistakes, do human rights correctly, and make sure no one is forced, influenced, and interfered with.

That all kids are accepted as competent, and also are not forced, influenced, interfered with, etc. Also, they live only in the extension of the home, get all human rights, are helped with that, and that we interpret them correctly.

We need to go through all expecting people hiding crimes, pretending to do human rights while they are not, as there are also criminals attracted to some typical jobs, we can make sure human rights are not violated, by understanding how violations work, and how the criminal mind works, at work.

There is so much more we need to study, which will help to do human rights correctly and to not have violations. We need to look at this broadly and keep learning what else we can study and what more we can do.

How did these situations in the Netherlands cause the violations of the case with the Chinese child that could not prove they are Chinese (OHCR, 2020).

We had similar cases, like in Belgium with a Canadian child looking from Ghana and was sent to Ghana, when her mother had the proof at home, she had to go through courts to get her child back home in Canada. She simply had forgotten her passport, the child was assumed to be from Ghana because they looked black, thus was assumed she is from Ghana (Ruggiero, et al., N.D.).

Now the child was not sent back to China, because of the child’s skin color, but there were still issues to do this correctly.

People need to study all cases and find more cases that are hidden in the systems with mistakes and solve them all.

There can be no violations. In that region, people need to work on human rights a lot more, and on the ideas, people create about foreigners, Homo Sapiens, and who has access to human rights, through their passports. Also, how every person at all times has their human rights, no matter where they are from.

The Dutch have many more violations with passports, so we need to work on that particularly as an ombudscycle, too.

See other ombudscycles, for the same mistakes, actually. Thinking to own people when the passport is Dutch, totally exploiting people. This is damaging the lives of people, wrong in any way, as it is not how human rights are meant, and it costs the other Dutch so much money, as workers are very criminal at work. Also, the cases are daily going wrong, with human rights violations, and the Dutch hide those cases, and only look at one case like this Chinese “stateless” child.

Because of the constant violations, one should wonder how good the Dutch passport is for this stateless child.

Also, the Dutch had the mother in our country human trafficked to our country, and thus has a bigger part in the actual problem, causing her to be without a passport in the Netherlands. It needs a constant study on what the Dutch attract to the Netherlands, and how they are part of the crimes done in the Netherlands.

We need to find better solutions so everyone gets their human rights passport, instead of a country with a passport. The countries need to be checked a lot more on being truly doing all human rights correctly, as the countries, by simply being one, assume they are the best human rights leaders. It truly must be done. The passport would be access to human rights.

So, we need to interfere with that a lot more. So, everyone truly gets their rights, and change all the systems we have, to easy ways to get human rights at all times.

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