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Ombudscycle: UFO experiences, we better know what it is, as if it's from space, we cannot be just vulnerable people, we need the science on it, to survive.

Science on UFO experiences. It is ill to skip a part in science, which is just a normal science. So, we need to also include solving lower study majors interfering as if UFO seekers and people who experienced UFO experiences would be ill. Also, note how they have no actual science on mental illness, it is more fascism, like a religion wanting to brainwash all, that all outside their own opinion is weird, or ill. It is fascism, with a Munchausen by proxy too, creating an illness that is not there to further exploit, also a dark triad behavior, and other complexes of DSM, to control the science. Plus it violates our freedom and human rights. So, set all scientists, investigators, journalists, normal people with experiences, or interests in these subjects free. Note. it is a danger to interfere with these people their interest, as it is our survival to know, in our collective knowledge as humans we need to also collect all about space and experiences people have, to find the absolute truth, in the end, and on time.

Freedom and justice

Also, the people abused in the past by these types of “deciding”, and violators of human rights abused these people, by not believing, not letting them have their own experiences, and isolate them inside themselves, it is not humane, it is a crime. They need freedom and justice.

Understand the techniques of fascists, and other criminals that do not want you to have your own science and freedom while being left alone with your own mind, ideas, preferences, studies, etc. is a right, and not allowed to be interfered with

Note. For Dutch and might be the same for other countries, experiencing the same care fraud, by their local professionals. Note, how Dutch do not do the real DSM book, but makeup they do, and thus look ill themselves by not doing the book precisely, and pretend many things, while APA has so many divisions, where we do not see these people as ill, nor a lot of things Dutch say. Note, how they end up with sociopathy, instead of the real meaning of our science in psychology. Note, also they hardly do science, and hardly understand true science, as theories are like religion and belief, thus all their ideas on healthy thinking are like a belief, and only absolutes, like scientific laws, are true. Their real work is to find those, and not by using people, tricking them into using their care and religious ideas. It is a human rights violation by pretending one would have the right in their jobs to use opinions and to force people into those same opinions. The real human rights are about your own true freedom, your own choices, your own religions, and beliefs. So, it also shows they did not study that much on ethics, human rights, sciences, SEL, academic skills, etc. And also seem to lack, honor codes, higher literacy, and good examples, as that would have dropped the crime rate if they would be using that.

At the same time, their own violations and mental illness, and using their jobs for their crimes, is a danger to all people, as the universe is real, and is bigger than we can know, and thus one can expect life there. Many planets are like the earth and can have life, with evolutions, thus human life even. Lots of other options can exist too.

We haven't seen it yet, does not mean it is not possible, nor there, nor anyone seeking to find us. We would seek for them too if we knew where they live. So, the ego of those criminals in those jobs is typical. They are narcissistic, not scientific, more like fascists, abusing work and people, and in many crimes, but not finding truth and logic.

Note too how they want to go around this real science, routes, and laws, abuse the locals, local courts, local workers and systems, with judges making illegal things legal, to human traffick and exploit people. That is the biggest mental illness possible, besides all other dark triads and govs in war, it is fascistic, with abuse of people and jobs, and constantly, a lot of crimes, daily, as a criminals route in society, creating a secondary world for people they randomly pick out and further abuse, exploit and human traffick.

Note, the crime link with low literacy, it is simply something they cannot think of, cannot experience, and then assume as untrue, that is not how science goes, it is crime, and linked typically too low literacy, brainwashes, sects, cults, small-minded people.

Note, all the work the people seeking for life in space, or telling on their experiences, do is like any biosphere.

We all seek science and ways to live in space, a part of that is aliens, UFOs, and the science on all about space.

What if governments admit aliens could be alive?

All have a duty to be absolutely true, thus one cannot say it does not live. It is not absolutely true, it would be untrue.

They also have a duty to do human rights, to not violate, to keep us safe, and to do science and ethics duties.

They need to study so perfectly, no one else tells them wrong, or tries to say wrong things, governments should copy. So, they also need all absolute truths, understanding science completely, and be able, like all of us to accept aliens, or possibly live outside earth. In the same way, we also try to find life in the universe, others could be seeking for us if they exist. It is not much to say, it is simply keeping the scientific duties. Information placed in all the sciences.

Ethics and knowledge win Companies win on the market with ethics and knowledge (DeRue, et al, N.D.). So, it is also useless to lie, with myths, bias, fraud, or wrong ideas that are simply untrue, or unethical. Denying all information is unethical and violating human rights (Ruggiero, et al, N.D.). Also, all those mistakes are related to wrong thinking, like DSM, and biases. Why would one not create governments finding absolute truths instead? Including not denying possible live outside earth. Simply the correct science on it, and complete, as all have the duty to be true and complete.



Update 2/1/2021


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