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They need their human rights work, thus also to be involved in all about them, for them. Also, they have the right to ranking, to do the work they want, to do what they want. It is a way to create the world the way they want (Ruggiero, et al, N.D.).

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(Nowhereman, 2020)

It is fair earning, that never stops. If we get to ombudscycles as a norm, we, and them, can forever add ombudscycles and earn on these ombudscycles (and tribunals when human rights are violated). They then work ethically, correct, create a better life, earn forever, and will live in wealth and health, with all their rights truly done in the best ways.

  • Do they have access to the internet, to studies online?
  • Can they study:

It only needs a basic curriculum so they can understand English on the level to understand a course like that.

  • Can people help them explain, in better ways, also the kids what the course means?
  • Can they find within the slums people that could teach?
  • Can all others that do not want to study with a teacher, learn in the ways they like?

After the study of the basics to learn English, and academic skills like citing to sources, and the study on the children's rights, and human rights, can they start the ombudscycles, together and with everyone around the world that can help them?

  • If they have issues, can they find solutions? Can they find good courses, to train the people to solve the problems?
  • Can they expand with more studies, to find funds, to market their projects, to create cycles, and work on all steps in the ombudscycle?
  • Can they build-up, from the start, wondering, questioning, learning to ask themselves even more questions, finding good questions to study on? Can they then, do the essence, and find the essentials needed to start with that basic, to create the best foundation to build on? Thus English courses, ethics, human rights, sciences studies, and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL). Also, can they study higher literate studies, and find good examples, and create honor codes, so they drop the crime rate if it is there now, or in the future, to create a crime-free workplace. So, they will be successful. Can they also focus on being ethical and having knowledge, so they will be successful? And then simply work on the ombudscycles.
  • Can they built out. Now they have a core, can they keep adding good courses, good ideas, building on the strong foundation? Creating more insight, knowledge, and jobs.

We can help them with the money to build that foundation. To let them all study human rights. To let them survive, live good enough, with enough food, and income, to live good enough while studying and building up ombudscycles, and until the point, they will earn themselves. So we need to understand the process of success, of wealth and health, from this strong foundation. And help them see that. Where all is about, them getting their rights. Getting insight and more ideas on their rights, and work with that. Build out and build up from that basic idea, their rights.

They will build up experience, knowledge and can share their knowledge.

They can also work in the OWO divisions, and work on human rights articles. They can use all their experience, and knowledge and earn with that, as experts, leading other ombudscycles, or finding other leading jobs, perhaps even in the government if they like. So, they can further develop from this start, and the essentials, the human rights studies, the ombudscycle work, and then further development in whatever they like.

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Write about every human right and children's right article, the science behind them, the ombudscycle, cases, and work together as professionals on human rights, and freedom. The cycles never end, there is always work to do. You are essential in changes in everyone's life.

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