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The mental illness of a fascist. The ill locked mind, never understanding logic, freedom, and duty of absolute sciences.

They are ill and you know that right away as human rights are about freedom, and they only are dark triad, using people for supplies. And all narcissistic for themselves, power-seekers, and psychopaths using and abusing, twisting in the hope we all go insane, and dumb and can be “led”. But we all were never raised that way, and they assume, if they are the raisers of their own life we will develop like them.

It means absolute to state, but human rights already made that punishable, so can never be. So, we must see all get locked up that make all nationalism, and use the government powers. But these twist what is absolute. Their mental illness mainly is not understanding an absolute in science, the same way religious ill can be. Any delusion, the way dark triad always is delusional. They do not see the truth, from past wrong science, and the road to ethics, and sciences today, and how a person naturally finds truth, and how one develops the same way in a system. They think systems to rule, while science is a development, a logic, nature. And these doubt mainly all this because they can not think logically anymore after abuse, and never wants to understand it, and do not have the good ones around leading them to that system of truth.

They do not just critically doubt scientific laws, to find more truth. The way one can solve math even better. They seek no math. They seek no logic and are mentally ill. Just from this absolute point, where science has absolutes and is absolute, they perceive science as a brainwash, and strive power abuse of the past, but demolish absolutes. Means things like water, food, clothes we need, we need warmth before one can grow. Etc. So, this is material, they would be crime hungered perhaps even hearing a bit of that. But the deeper bonding they do not understand. They are forced married, economically married, dark triad married, needing supplies.

So, they are fascinated with children, families, all growing, all unethical places where they can go to get “power”.

Absolutism, by destroying the absolutes, as if one can make the delusion gravity is gone. That ultimate power they seek.

Scientific laws will always be found again, thus they human traffic to show the power and to scare people and to create a fake world, keep people as slaves.

So, the one thing needed is to focus on freedom and arrange freedom. Only work on freedom. With one true absolute, human rights. And not done by judges etc, workers are only needed to step in to stop software systems when hacked, etc and to restore them, and with the sciences of when that is ethical and needed, and how it's done best. (That is where they lack, it is a mental disability they have, they do not see right from wrong, and thus use “leaders”, to have power, above the already “chosen” power, absolute truth. So, they always are smaller minded, striving with their mental illness, thinking being big is to bomb it all. To be a bigger power than what they understood as power.)

Also, human rights already demand this free world, with no judges, etc. So, many jobs are not allowed, not needed, and the real route is made clear. So, by creating this mentally ill smaller lower world, they do not only show to be sad with themselves, never grown, only thinking, delusional in their terms of power, the way only mentally ill can still think that is power. They also, show low IQ, low literacy and low understanding of absolutes and human rights duties and thus never read well, are very low literate, and less than others, less developed.

But they also never understood anything they read. They have an extreme learning disability, that develops into crimes, and insanities like fascism, skipping the human rights, the absolute. The absolute without interference, without the use of humans, just absolute and duty to be done.

So, they are not only the worst fascists, constant showing it is a hoax, and just an attempt to sound like religion, route, and group, they are individuals with twists, and stuck inside themselves in a delusion, not able to ever do their own ruling, the absolute ruler is determined and they seek a ruling. So, they are very selfish, they just want themselves leading, as only one. So, their group a- socials, and dark triads, just seeking that one person, and thus cannibalism, hannibalism, and only till death do us part, for a leader.

Extremely obvious no real power, as all only die that way. The leader always like all insane kills themselves, or stays in power when all goes wrong and was ill already seeking power, from the beginning ill, to seek power this way. Not, knowing true power, human rights. All people variations of the norm, all people autonomous and authentic, and just because their parents, leaders, groups were abusing them, and not used to be really powerful people, with this mindset to give power to all, in this precise absolute way. The way science is. But it is not a brainwash, nor uncritical place, nor fascism. It is a new world for them. The way all used, abused, brainwashed are released one day and learn what real freedom is. That is a totally different world.

So the way Hitler fall and is traced down with all cousins, kids, and family and who caused this illness, we trace down easily any fascist and their bad regions. Always typical. So, you note right away real psychologists, scientists, real working people, with human rights, ethics, sciences, and empathy. And the brainwashers and brainwashed. Always simple to find. And because of these Hitler times made it even easier to spot crimes in care fraud, unethical behavior of scientists and after that, all sciences globally became with ethics duty, you track them down in the jobs, and into their families, and gov, and groups, and all their victims, used by their jobs and then the entire criminal networks, also internationally. Easiest to find, the way you know any pedophile has friends, the same bad way, and was raped himself, and is from a group that caused this, etc. And thus all in the region are bad workers not catching all criminals, else this new criminal never existed. So, bad docs, bad psychologists, bad churches, bad schools, bad gov, all come together. As a bad group, with victims, and with the international crime scene. It is too simple, so simple we know how simple they are. And how bad they lived. It is always a region. And never everyone on earth. Hitler thought so but see the outcome. Science proved over entire existence, that never survives, and always 85% of people are only good, and only want good. The fascists are ill, and their groups seem big to them. But like any child in those groups of sects, you keep telling get out, get here, get away from them. We all are not them. None is them, just that group. But they start to see only each other and get a delusion together.

The duty remains all people free. Working only on freedom and all human rights. So, that is insanity and easy contrast to see, it is the sad way they live, and we all see.

It is the typical power abuse, any new person abused, or death, or damaged, powers them. So, they think they won, but like Hitler fall, no, you lost from the first hit to a child, the first lie, the first criminal work in a job, as it will grow bigger, as it seems bigger to your insane mind, but it is all will catch this so simply. That time comes, no matter how many bombs you had. See the survivors of any worst war. We know even way more than this. They only see big wars and when they lose they might give up a little. Lots, secretly inside remain dark triad, like any killer, long term waiting to find a spot. Then see all killers, all found. They think no, cause their parents died without being caught, or their church, etc. But then think, but you could have catch them, you just became fellow criminal, that is where you got dumb, less powerful and now believe their delusion. In real you still can catch them, and expose them. And will be named hero, for doing so. That is more power too.

So, they need to change from now the bookkeeping by hand phase, into modern technology.

Including being technician, ethical, scientist, with extreme control on them, so they can work on the space ships, and medicines alike restricted laws, but then laws in a software system, where one has the duty to do privacy laws as well, as all laws must be done and completely fitting, and thus they must always work on creating the best outcome, not worse. So, when one would fraud all must be a little worse, it is noted and must be immediately changed into lighter, as it must be in the benefit. But not “unpunished”, but also not damaging, so, it needs to include all the real solutions, how criminals do not do crimes anymore, and how we do all laws in all the best ways, and together, and not change into any less. It is about more for each person, and not less. But the goal is regulating. So, you could strive taxes we should not. But can not strive murder is allowed. Although we need the real solution to life for criminals, that mass murder. We can not leave open for Hitler alike. But it must be completely correct. That needs sciences, and sciences, and sciences. Endless sciences, till we have absolutes, and only that must be in the system. And all people know those. It is already the rule in all medicine and all sciences, and all laws, when one notes a fault we must stop the system, it is unethical to continue, as the damage is to expect, and damages are never allowed.

Ethics demands stop when all goes wrong…

So, actually, to not get Hitlers, we had to stop schooling, and all bad influences at the beginning, and let the parents free in telling who did bad to them as well.

And address their minds with sciences, human rights, ethics, and empathy. (So, we need the best to not create DSM and Crime and get totally deepest on the topics, and software can combine smarter than the human brain the sciences, ethics, absolutes, etc. So, is the only logic in this time, and that we do not have it yet, shows illness in the judges, and in the dark triad mind, and their fears, and will to rule themselves. While we need control on any robot, and any software, not to get crime out of hand, but is already arranged correctly and precisely, with not create less, only more, only benefits, but not illegal, frauded, then we go be criminal to get benefits. It is absolute solving, the way it is meant. Solving all sides. ) It needs smartest people, understanding jobs the way we have developers for robots and software. And it has to be honorable people, with lifeguard a mindset, but not low IQ, interfering wrongly. It has to be the smartest rocket scientist, with ethics highest and able to save lives. So, all are saved, and in the best ways, crime really goes to zero, and all are free. Free from crimes, DSM, and others ruling.

Human Rights are not allowed to be taken away, and are made with sciences, and are still and will always be accurate because it is scientific laws.

It is about absolutes. One against them is punishable, and not understanding them. Thus is already ill.

A fascist can think, we decided that. Or the ruler decided that, and can not understand what human rights are.

How do you become one not understanding this?

Abused, used, dark triad exploitations. Dark triad ideas and those always come from abuse.

Thus one is ill.

In more laws, you are not allowed to damage anyone, it is a human right, ethics, science, and one with empathy would never.

And it is logic, for people with a logic development into this logic. Where they fear their own is more logical, all will be animals, all will be cannibals, all will be, etc.

But none is cannibal, in reality, 85% is wanting to be kind. They grew up with the few cannibals, hannibals, animal alike kill each other. Without logic development.

So, see them only as dark triad twist, not so true to leaders.

And if they were so fascists, they killed themselves, as they do not follow the real leading, and think that must be a leader while leading is the human rights, the none person, written down for all, they don’t.

So, if they fear it is religion, they have not studied the sciences well. If they fear it is a person ruling, they forgot to use modern technology and to create a software and the privacy law to have interference only in your benefit, never against your rights, so we all would always have our rights, without a person, unless it's not the correct outcome, the way systems can fail.

If they seek stronger “leaders” they are just in fear of one software, thus the truth can not be done, only people can be powerful… so what if a smarter robot comes? They do not understand we can never give power to a person or leader, it must be the thoughts that lead, and it comes in the written form of software putting all the sciences, the thoughts on why one has to be free come together and creating the fair route to the freedom. So, they clearly do not know what human rights are. They would be fighting for them, understanding what they are.

And they clearly got brainwashed, and fight for that wash. That one thought they know of. Scared to study human rights in depth.

The damage authoritarians give is not allowed, only authoritative is allowed as that is never damaging.

They clearly never studied this, else they went for this one and only good and only allowed way.

Same for ethics, they would be as a real fascist do the one power. It is how you know they are not only lacking knowledge of what leaders and powers are, also they can not understand their own word, fascist, and simply belong to their own changing mind. Without identity, authenticity, and autonomous behavior, thus are not logical and natural a human. There is something wrong. They do not understand what that is, like any dark triad thinks only in power, after power abuse. And twist. Now twist sick. And some hang onto the idea a leader than solves, bigger than the others, no matter those are wrong, means they had worst parents, rulers, etc. They did not create a logical parenting bond and the natural good leading to children and all depending. Where the goal is only to listen to them and help them achieve their will.

Motive sick

It is a borderline/ dark triad criminal.

Where a fascist lose logic and follows just dark triad only, not even a real leader. They do not know what that is.

More insane are the ones pretending to be liberal and free, and twist and change fastly in many ways, without identity, borderlines criminals, Machiavellism, twist sick. Motive sick.

Also, the youth care, judges, cops, schools, social work, local govs using are the smaller fascists thus not obeying the absolutes, the one, and only leader. They are the twist sick, and just smaller, and waiting or for the one leader to use, abuse, or lead, or to insanely go twisted sick inside not even understanding anyone s identity anymore. The world where schizophrenia blends with a dark triad. Or totally lost in insanity, and no logic in any way anymore, and confused, or totally lost in power-seekers, striving in power. Where all these are ill and power abusers, and users, and only dark triad.

But dark triad is no sane.

It is punishable to be anything near this and to be this, same as any pedophile, it will take rights from people. Thus it could never start, never be, never be said nor done, and also not secretly. That is already proven by human rights, there is no place for violations.

How? By giving the right input. And not fascistically accuse parents of not doing so. That would be fascists already, with their dark triad schizophrenic ideas.

It is never for the state, government, and never allowed, and in human rights. So, we see these struggles with people refusing laws, that were made years ago, they are aware of, but do not want, and abuse systems, the typical ways criminals always seek systems to rule. But with such insanity, it is to easy to spot.

The fear is the ones, the typical dark triad, first promising and then twisting, the way all in the systems are, as that is the place where they go. So, we must do the ombudscycle and always keep checking those places and keep criminals away, forever. Also, when it seems stopped. We have the duty to forever continue the ombudscycle.

Always when locals become fascists its fascism

note, they ask why you live here, and note. How they deny rights, and traffick away your kids, and exploit, for their local money. A country can have regions with more fascisms… Each region taking all for their local criminals. While duty remains for regions, countries, all people that none is from a group, state, country, etc, and must get its individual rights, all born with rights. No opinion, no interference allowed, and must even help to get the rights, one seeks for, even children.

note. Even local judges, can be fascists leaders, denying rights, laundry through court, to abuse and use people, and change the politics and laws, to not give the real laws, and real routes, while those are duty.

Rutte does the same, making all smaller regions, the way Hitler won, he might think. But it is a sign of fascism. And Hitler lost.

The clue is suspicious of each other. Pretending to make it one group. And all set up towards each other. Groups against each other, and pretending he has the master (race), a role as a master. The rest became slaves, indeed, and he lets all abuse the positions, and roles and are not giving human rights. While he is dumber, we already had been through the wars, and he is not Hitler, you can not copy a person. He lives in the mind a clone idea, that can never be. But tries the same as a copy cat. As a bandura kid.

He learned we don't die easily, with human rights, and tries his all to demolish it. Now Hitler had not yet the Human Rights as a law, he does, so he is dumber. The followers even dumber, letting a fascist walk around in a world where it is absolutely not allowed, by law, and all studied on this. All know.





Write about every human right and children's right article, the science behind them, the ombudscycle, cases, and work together as professionals on human rights, and freedom. The cycles never end, there is always work to do. You are essential in changes in everyone's life.

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