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We have to be the homeless miracle, to save them. And build homes for them, they do not have to pay for.

What if everyone with money, makes a home for themselves, and a tiny house for others, who can not afford a home? We need to get smart on this.

See the poverty in the USA, we only need some hero’s changing this around. Real people understanding homeless and able to build homes, they can keep, for free. We can.

You need to understand human rights, ethics, science, and have SEL (social-emotional learning). Everyone needs a purpose to survive. Their own authentic autonomous self made purpose. We can create peace to the mind of the homeless, so they can start creating a purpose for themselves.

We can create a better life for homeless, and just have to start on this.

When people live in well-being, saved, they have time to study, and work, and find purpose, and learn to be. In stress, we are stressed, not living, not our best selves.

But we can make homes for these types, too.

It is another market. If you make homes that do not cost you any more, and the people help you out by living in the place. Or in any way, so they do not have to pay, but can just live there. You can build homes, no one has to pay rent for. You can combine this with farms people work on like WWOOF, for just a few hours per day.

Towns are better off with everyone in homes, and everyone as free as possible.

Homes and places where people want to come back to, when they travel. Where the want to spend, when they do earn money, because it is a good place. Where they can not fall, and they are not afraid, of losing a home, so they can think better, work better, be better, and spend better. Also, a place is better, where people are taught to take care of depending, it shows maturity and makes people feel mature. And it creates more homes for others when people can, so they share more, and more people live freely, the way they are living freely, they pass that on.

A purpose causes survival.

This has to be a real own authentic purpose. You can create a good purpose for everyone by not interfering, but being inspirational with good input, a really good environment. That does not think to make people small, to be them, to be jealous of them, to have any DSM towards them, nor crime. But really understanding human rights, freedom, and how free people develop. How mature minds, take care of depending, automatically. How all fit.

You need SEL to understand best.

You need to understand, working is not per se maturity. It is easily coming from child labor, forces, slavery and illness, and crimes. You need to have empathy, be responsible, emotion management, conflict resolution, self- awareness, perseverance.

You need to understand development, how people grow from sensing to opinion, to research theses, and hypotheses, and find the truth, with time, and at their own pace.

You are born, do not know what you must work on, to have a better future, you just do not know!

If you knew at the start, everything is changing? And you will have to fit in again, and again, and again, every change, again.

We try to create the best start, for our children, but we need to create not only the best childhood, but also the best teenhood, young adulthood, adulthood, and middle ages, and end as elderly. We need to stretch this time in life, from middle ages, to elderly, and very old, and even older.

We want them to be doctors, well then they have to believe in miracles. Doctors believe in miracles more often, compared to other people.

The research of Catharijneconvent and NCRV shows that is true. Also, Kelly (2008) studied this. Doctors believe more often in miracles. People working with people healing, getting babies, and other health and hero related jobs believe more often in miracles. So, we might search for people that believe in miracles and are hero’s that will create homes for the homeless and will solve this problem.

Tiny Homes.



Write about every human right and children's right article, the science behind them, the ombudscycle, cases, and work together as professionals on human rights, and freedom. The cycles never end, there is always work to do. You are essential in changes in everyone's life.

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