Five Organizations Pushing the Boundaries of AI for Good

Applying Artificial Intelligence in the most impactful way to solve grand challenges on the planet.

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4 min readNov 14, 2019


Much energy and attention are spent on futuristic AI such as self-driving cars, robot cities, and doomsday worlds.

Fortunately, the AI for Good movement continues to spark interest by solving meaningful problems with an immediate benefit to society and the planet.

McKinsey compiled a library of about 160 AI social-impact use cases. They suggest that existing capabilities could contribute to tackling cases across all 17 of the UN’s sustainable development goals, potentially helping hundreds of millions of people in both advanced and emerging countries.

Use cases range from diagnosing cancer to helping blind people navigate their surroundings, identifying victims of online sexual exploitation, and aiding disaster-relief efforts.

In other words, there are hundreds of problems in today’s world that AI can help to solve.

Here are five organizations that use AI technology to make the world a better place.

1. AI for Good UK

AI for Good, UK is a world-leading organization with the mission “to help 100 million people by solving some of the toughest challenges facing humanity”.

And all signs are pointing towards the direction of achieving this.

Kriti Sharma, the founder, is a leader in the emerging field of technology for development. She gave a truly inspiring Ted Talk on how to keep human bias out of AI. Her organization works with governments, the United Nations, businesses and local communities.

A highlighted project


One of their very impactful projects is called rAInbow, a conversational smart companion, “designed to reach millions who are in an abusive, controlling or unhealthy relationship”.



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