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Applying strategic foresight to VoiceTech

Written by OMERS Ventures Partner, Shawn Chance.

If you’ve read our last blog post, you should be clear on the conviction we have around a voice-enabled future. And although VoiceTech’s coming-of-age seems certain, the applications and industries who will most benefit from it, along with the technologies that will prevail, is not.

The future is (arguably) impossible to predict but there are tools and techniques at our disposal that can help us anticipate the critical dependencies that will shape how the VoiceTech ecosystem evolves. Enter strategic foresight.

Strategic foresight is a research discipline that scans the horizon for signals that can help us model possible future states. This approach is particularly helpful when applied to VoiceTech, as the ecosystem is teeming with potential while being fraught with uncertainty.

Will privacy win over convenience? Will the walled gardens triumph or will open standards emerge? Will the masses ultimately accept the idea of talking to computers and having computers talk back to them? Or will we simply see more products like the one below emerging weekly?

OMERS has applied strategic foresight to VoiceTech in a piece we call VoiceTech 2030”. This 100% homegrown report is the result of interviews with over 30 leaders, investors, experts and stakeholders in and around the VoiceTech industry and conversations with over 50 startups who are looking to shape this very future. Its purpose isn’t to predict the future precisely, but rather to identify the critical dependencies that are likely to shape the ecosystem.

We have a long history of getting to know the markets where we invest (almost) as well as the companies we invest in. Knowing the market dynamics not only helps us make smart investment decisions, but more importantly, helps us add genuine value to the companies we work with. Strategic foresight is a well-used tool among many of the biggest and most successful brands, but rarely is it shared publicly. We have decided to share this body of work with you to invite thought and drive conversation.

To read the full report, download it here.

We are in a unique position in that we don’t have a vested interest in one outcome over the other. Although this research is the result of months of dedicated work, publishing it is far from the finish line for us. In fact, it is the starting gun for a conversation that we believe can help shape the future of an industry. If you believe you have a role in VoiceTech’s future, reach out — we’d love to talk. Best place to start is to reach out to my colleague Claûde Beaupré



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