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Following up with investors: taking ‘keep in touch’ at face value

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Practical advice for follow-up communications

  • Stay on the investor’s radar.
  • Show progress.
  • Get the investor excited about what you are building.
  • Demonstrate your market opportunity and your ability to seize it.
  • Build the investor’s trust and confidence in you as a founder, leader, and innovator.
  • Be likeable and make the investor want to work with you.
  • Launching fundraising
  • Significant product or technology milestone
  • Key traction achievement
  • Prominent media coverage
  • Other material event for the company
  • Follow through. If you commit to doing something, do it. Follow-up when you say you will.
  • Be clear, upfront, credible, and real. Too much marketing or spin is off-putting.
  • Treat investors like humans. When you send me an update email, I am just another person reading it, albeit with an investment lens.
  • Be yourself. You too are a human! Don’t be afraid to show a little of who you are.
  • Create interest. Make the content compelling, thought-provoking, and easy to digest (hint: visuals are helpful!).
  • Be concise. Enough said.
  • Be persistent. If an investor doesn’t respond to one or more of your emails (especially those that are basic updates and don’t seek a response), stay the course.
  • Be helpful. If you come across third-party content that seems relevant for a particular investor, send it along.



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