The future we look forward to

We believe that OmiseGo is the catalyst for Ethereum scaling. That OMG’s Plasma is the Layer 2 solution the Ethereum World Computer will implement in order to bring scale to a truly decentralized smart contract platform, unlocking world-shaking business model innovations not seen since the mainstream adoption of the internet. That OMG itself will be the reigning platform for decentralized universal currency-agnostic exchange of value, allowing you to instantaneously pay for coffee using Dai or dollars or Bitcoin or euros or World of Warcraft gold or airline loyalty points, or a combination of all of them, right at the point of sale. That you can instantly liquidate rare in-game items or tokenized fine art to pay merchants in the currency they prefer.

We believe that Omise, the parent company that created OMG, will jump-start the system by migrating its tens of millions of dollars of daily transactions onto the network. That their clients and partners in established economies of Japan and Korea, and emerging economies of Thailand and Indonesia will wind down widespread use of credit card technology and jump headfirst into native mobile payments, following in the path of WeChat in China.

Photo by Benjamin Dada on Unsplash

We believe that by staking our OMG tokens, we provide a service to the network by validating transactions through consensus, and get paid to do so. That by risking financial loss for any dishonesty, we join our peers in agreeing on what everyone’s balance is. We believe that the fees we get paid will dictate the OMG token’s price, which reflects the ever-increasing value of keeping the network accurate.

We believe that staking pools are a commodity that is best open-sourced, and that those focused on serving their communities will triumph. That crypto’s decentralization fundamentally represents the giving back of power to the participants, rather than funneling wealth to profit-maximizing corporations.

We believe that we are so, so early — that the ones who take the most risk reap the most reward. That those who believe in and pursue a solid vision (and execute it well) are those who drag the rest of the world kicking and screaming into the future. We believe we’re ready.

OMG Pool ( is building the first open-source, community-driven staking pool for OmiseGO.

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