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A fair data economy requires rethinking and re-distributing data’s value

As a society, we must rethink and re-distribute data’s value in the public interest.

Data is…not like the others

  • Cost-based: this approach says data is expected to be valued at least as great as its cost (to generate, collect, store, replace, etc. the dataset).
  • Income-based: this approach is based on the estimated revenue streams being generated by, for example, the sale of data-driven marketing analytics or information services.
  • Market-based: this approach requires looking at data marketplaces and publicly-available pricing; the impact data has on market capitalization (aka the total value of a publicly traded company’s shares), and the volume of global data flows.
  • Impact-based: this approach is based on the outcomes data has, including the value of improving insight, helping entities make better choices, and generating jobs or broader economic growth.
  • Stakeholder-based: this approach says the value of the data goes beyond the firm and its profits, employees, customers, supply chain providers, etc., and extends to the wider public.

Context matters



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Omidyar Network is a social change venture that reimagines critical systems, and the ideas that govern them, to build more inclusive and equitable societies.