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Omidyar Network Unpacks Good ID

An Update to Our Point of View on Digital Identity


Good ID is our normative framing for any digital identity system that prioritizes individual empowerment while ensuring adequate safeguards.


Transparent, accountable, and trust-building practices lead to Good ID.

  • Ethical and legal frameworks, scenario-based tools, feedback loops, research, and future-resilient tools to make informed decisions before and after systems are built; and
  • Open standards and open-source technology to facilitate future evolutions of the digital identity system, without dependency on one vendor.

Design Features

Thoughtful design features in technologies and policies also lead to Good ID.

  • Individuals the legal right to change how their identity information is used (to support Privacy).
  • Limits to the number and type of situations when any digital ID is mandatory (to support Inclusion).
  • Avenues for startups to build customer-driven services on top of the identity stack and innovate to provide more value overtime (to support User Value).
  • Options for individuals to deny use of their identity, update records when identity information changes, and revoke their permission even after permission has been granted (to support User Control).
  • Public and private frameworks that embed an audit trail, assign responsibility, and provide for recourse in the case of a security leakage or breach (to support Security).

#GoodID Movement

We also acknowledge that our normative framing will have to evolve with new thinking, new technology, new experience, and new societal expectations. To fully realize digital identity systems that maximize the benefits and minimize the harms to individuals, we know we will need more inputs from a diverse community of experts. Thank you in advance for sharing your experiences and opinions with us. We think it’s realistic to achieve Good ID — if we are collectively ambitious and work together.



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Omidyar Network is a social change venture that reimagines critical systems, and the ideas that govern them, to build more inclusive and equitable societies.