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By Erica Orange & Jared Weiner, The Future Hunters, and Eshanthi Ranasinghe, Exploration & Future Sensing, Omidyar Network

A s far as decades go, this one has started off with a bang. Mainstreaming populism, climate emergency, a global pandemic and dramatic market response, rampant misinformation, upsetting power structures, and the transformation of the global liberal order. Who leads, who follows, what is conservative or liberal, up or down is all up for debate.

This trend report captures mounting global shifts as we enter the 2020s. We are in dynamic and uncertain times. But as we’ve seen demonstrated by youth leaders around the world, individuals seeking meaning, and people joining together to fight for recognition and representation, our greatest struggle can bear the sweetest fruit.

If there is one trend likely to define the next generation, it is climate change.

Technology is amplifying a bifurcation where more stories are being told but it is easier to dismiss people we don’t agree with. Who is being deleted from our histories?

As democracies become more authoritarian; authoritarian countries are demanding more democracy. Is this a reversal of the liberal global order? Or two sides of the same, fed up coin?

People took their faith out of religion and put it into innovation, capitalism, technology. But in uncertain times, where do we go to find belonging?

The theaters for war are changing, and the barriers for participation are dropping. The future is one of cyber-insecurity.



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