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I landed in Breda from India, a year ago to pursue my masters degree in design. Having my brother in Germany, I had calculated my monthly budget but it turned out that the Netherlands is slightly costlier than Germany in terms of daily needs. Anyways, proceeding ahead with my experience , as a city it is very well organised like all other dutch cities. Lets talk about it-

Breda as a city

Breda is a residents city. It is a mix of old world charm and modern infrastructure but majorly it is an old city. People are quite helpful. There is no hustle-bustle around the city as compared to other big cities of the Netherlands. Most of the time in winters, it feels like there is an ongoing curfew in the city with no-one to be seen on the streets. People coming down from crowded countries beware! It might depress you. Just Kidding! The whole city has quite a lot of greenery. Coming to the city centre of Breda, it is quite a busy place in comparison to the whole city and a good place to hang out.

Breda has two universities namely Avans and NHTV, so a large number of students can be found around the city center. Thursday is the day of student discounts on alcohol.

Places to eat

There are very few good places to eat in Breda. The city is not that big but comparatively it offers good number of places to eat. A person who is fond of asian cuisine can find a restaurant named “SUMO” in the city center right next to the Grote Kerk which offers affordable at the same time delicious asian cuisine(THIS REVIEW COMING FROM AN INDIAN MEANS IT REALLY TASTES YUMMMM!!!!)

If a person is craving nicely prepared nachos of good quantity, Breda offers you the best nachos i have ever had. They are freshly prepared with sweet and sour sauce, ricotta and mozzarella cheese, mushrooms and olives etc. The plate is worth the money and it can be found at ’t Hart van Breda’ in the city center.

If a person is dying to eat Italian, just pick up the phone and order from New York pizza or you can drop in to the nearest store and pick up your pizza etc.


There is another place known as “Burger Bar” in the city center which is a good delight in terms of burgers but it is not cheap. If your pockets are loaded and heavy, you need to surely try.


There are some good places to hang out in the night around with pals. “De Bommel” in the city center is well known as you can mix up with the people of all age groups and enjoy your drink till the early hours on weekends.

Parc” is a very modern location with modern interiors and on the first floor you can get some amazing cocktails. It is a good place to go out on a date in Breda as drinks and snacks are highly recommended to try.

Sam Sam” is also a great place to have some drinks and spend your time with friends as it offers some relaxed environment with not much noise.

O’Meara’s Irish pub” is definitely a must try especially if you are an Irish beer fan. Everything here is Irish. The newspapers are Irish and even the songs played are Irish. Moreover they support only Irish sports teams.


Breda’s whole life is concentrated in the city center so without a doubt you will find all the brands there. Breda has ZARA, H&M, Men at Work, Scotch & Soda, Hunkemöller, Adidas, Footlocker, ONLY, VERO MODA and a lot of local brands.

However, Breda does have more than its fair share of interesting little independent shops.One of the main streets, or should I say “sets of streets”, for smaller shops is the Drie Brugstraten which is comprised of Lange Brugstraat, Korte Brugstraat and Tolbrugstraat winding from the Grote Markt out to the canal belt at the old port.

De Barones” is the indoor shopping mall where you can shop till you drop and there are a bunch of boutiques and brands.“V&D” is the one stop shop for all the brands which you cannot find elsewhere in Breda.

One of the shops where you can find casual yet funky clothing is “Coolcat” in the center. It can add some edginess in your wardrobe.

You can get some some stylish and affordable jewelry at “Six” accessories in the center. It is a must visit if you love accessories like earrings, bracelets, pendants and chains.

In the end, Breda has around 500 shops in the center and the more you explore the more you find some interesting places to eat and shop. It is comparatively a cheaper city as compared to other cities in the Netherlands. So make the most out of your visit to Breda.

(PS: Thursdays are the days for shopping in Breda as all the shops are open till 9pm and every first Sunday of the month all shops are open for you to shop)

Last but not the least, If you are looking for some adventurous fun around Breda then there is an amusement/theme park known as Efteling which is just half an hour from Breda by car. It is an amazing place for adults as well as kids as they have made fairytales in the park. They have a 90degree fall ride which is recommended for adults plus they have some good roller coasters. All in all its worth the money.

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