Who are we?

And what does it mean to shop like a local.

Why Omioo?

Your Italian friend swears by a certain food product from her homeland. Another friend got a complete set of chairs from a Swedish designer. A colleague brought back some locally made ceramics she managed to order on her holiday there. We ourselves use often our visit to home not only to see our friends and family, but also to come back loaded with things that one can only find there.

We at Omioo are above all fascinated by local products for two reasons: quality and uniqueness. Mass-production means for us, bad quality and boredom. Not always and not by all products. But usually.

There’s also the story behind the product. We want to know, why the products are the way they are. The special habits and customs in a certain area, climatic conditions, unique culture in a city or in a particular area. And, of course, the philosophy of those behind them. The people.

For the locals it comes without question. They know the way around and the area itself. But for the foreigners there are always barriers. Where can I go? Will I get ripped off? Will people understand me?

Is it possible to shop online, as if you were directly from there? This is the question we wanted to answer. To make that possible is our mission.

What is Omioo?

Omioo is a curated community based marketplace, that aims to showcase and sell locally sourced products.

What do we do?

We curate

We choose our sellers and their products carefully. In Omioo you’ll find only high-quality Articles from the best European local sellers and creatives

We translate

One of the biggest hurdles when shopping internationally is always the language. We translate all necessary information. For the moment, we translate into English, Spanish, French, German and Italian.

We explain

For us it is important to not only list products and sellers. We want to show what makes the products stand out. What drives the seller and why they are created in this special place.

We help

We take care of the payment process and support you throughout all communications. If something doesn’t work as expected, we try to find a solution together.

Who are we

We are an international team that can loop experiences of living in different cities and countries from every member. Directly from Berlin-Kreuzberg, we want to make it easy to buy and sell exceptional locally sourced products. If you have any questions, or just wish to say “Hello”, don’t hesitate to write to us. We would love to hear from you.

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