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OMMG stops minting

It’s time to stop the minting process and proceed

We reached ~1000 mints, which is less than we expected when we started, but it was foreseeable that this could happen because of our slow minting strategy. So we as a company diversified a lot, and with that, we can still deliver features and work further on OMMG to make it a long-term success.

We know that this toughness will payout soon for us and our community and investors.

To launch into this future, OMMG needs to enter the next state. Therefore, we will stop minting, freeze the collection contract and proceed with the OMMG project as planned on the roadmap.


  1. The minting of OMM and Adam Riches NFTs will stop on April 13th at 7 PM UTC.
  2. The day after minting has stopped, on the 14th of April, we will reveal the outstanding unrevealed OMM and Adam Riches NFTs.

We open the next chapter for OMMG where the launch of Duckylemon’s Genesis and the OMM Frame NFTs will happen.

We hope you all are as excited as we are!



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The Old Master Meme Gallery (OMMG) is the art collectors place to be: An art gallery for collectors and supporters of Old Master Memes and related projects.