Manny Hernandez OMNI CEO AMA With the DeFi Raccoons Community.

OMNI’s CEO AMA with DeFi raccoons.

What: OMNI AMA hosted by DeFi RACOONS

Hosts: Wolf of Vladyland

Guest: Manny Hernandez @mannywisdom

When: March 03, 2021 at 6:00 CET


— — AMA Begins — -

Wolf of Vladyland❗️🦝 The OMNI AMA is starting shortly. We will be muting the channel for the first part of the AMA. 🦝❗️

Wolf of Vladyland: Don’t worry, you’ll get to ask your questions in the second part — and a chance to win 100$ USDT — so stay tuned!

Wolf of Vladyland: 2 minutes, Raccoons. I hope you are ready to learn something new.

Wolf of Vladyland: Hello everybody, thank you for joining us today for another DeFi Raccoons AMA session! Today we’ll be talking with @mannywisdom from OMNI! 😎

Manny: Hello Everybody, glad to be here.

Wolf of Vladyland: Omni is a never-been-done-before mega app that’s full of world-class features and tools.

Inside the app, you can go live, share stories, create channels, chat with other users, transfer money, video or audio call, sell or buy products in stores, create videos and photos with special effects, and much more. These in-app actions are rewarded with Omni Coins that can be used inside the app or exchanged for BTC on Polkaswap.

Wolf of Vladyland:

Visit their website here:

Here’s their Telegram:

And Twitter:

Wolf of Vladyland: With that being said, we can start…

Please tell Raccoons a bit about yourself, Manny.

Manny: Sure thing. My name is Emanuel Hernandez, but most people know me as Manny Hernandez. I am a Direct Response Marketer at the Core. After finishing my time in the USA Army, where I served with the 5th Special Forces Group, I dedicated myself to build technologies geared towards the lead generation for Fortune 500 companies.

In 2014, I started Mining Bitcoin, and in 2017 I was already an avid ICO Investor with a deep technical knowledge of how Decentralized Ledger Technologies can truly help humanity.

At the beginning of 2018, after reading a hacker noon article, the idea of OMNI came to mind. I spent 2018 and most of 2019 working with our CTO Boban and our CFO Sameer building the Model.

At the End of 2019, we started Building the Omni app, and it is currently on an Alpha Stage with Beta ready to be released in Q3 2021.

Wolf of Vladyland: This is 2nd time I have an AMA with an ex-soldier.

Manny: Great to hear.

Wolf of Vladyland: Great to have you in this space. I believe it is less dangerous ;)

Manny: Way less 😂 Much more fun too.

Wolf of Vladyland: Crypto never sleeps…

We like to start off with an elevator-pitch — for the people who haven’t yet heard of OMNI, tell us what it is and what you are trying to build?

Manny: Omni is a never-been-done-before mega social media app that’s full of world-class features and tools.

Inside the app, you can go live, share stories, create channels, chat with other users, video or audio call, sell or buy products in stores, create videos and photos with special effects, and much more. These in-app actions are rewarded with Omni Coins that can be used inside the app or exchanged on a DEX.

Social Media has become unmanageable for most people. Very hard to keep up and maintain active profiles in all of them. The reality is that most users are in each one for specific Features.

We plan to resolve all the issues by incorporating the best features of all your favorite social media apps into one Mega App that allows you to do it all without having to juggle with many platforms.

Here are some of the Main Features this Awesome Mega App Would Have:

Dub & Duet

Lip-sync to songs, audio from videos, and create challenges—duet with other users or dub to an endless library of song bytes.


Keep in touch with friends by texting or calling, all while having the ability to share images, videos, contacts, and locations with secure encryption.


Explore multiple feeds to keep up with your favorite news, friends, and influencers. Discover new content and communities, all on the same app.


Businesses can create stores where users can get a full shopping experience without leaving the app, from browsing products to checkout.


Create or follow channels to post or watch your favorite video content. Channels can be public or for a private audience.

Live Stream

Enjoy live streams while chatting with broadcasters in real-time, reward your favorite streamers with gifts, or go live for your followers.

Stream Music

Listen to Music from all Your Favorite Artists. Create Playlists that you can share with friends and make your sounds go viral in the feed.

Manny: We plan to transfer the Economic Bandwidth the company generates back to the users, the true owners.

One Top Milestone was Achieved last September when we finally had a working Pre-Alpha.

Here is a Demo: Pre-Alpha Demo:

From there, we Started Working on all the Substrate-based Blockchain Technology, which we completed in January.

Omni Blockchain Explorer Demo:

Wolf of Vladyland: The e-commerce idea looks interesting to me, honestly. But we will get to that.

Wolf of Vladyland: Can you tell us about the origins of the idea for OMNI? What inspired you?

Manny: In 2017, I was an Avid ICO Investor, and I came across an article titled “Why Everyone Missed the Most Mind-Blowing Feature of Cryptocurrency by Daniels Jeffries.”

That inspired us to create the Business Model behind Omni as a way to Gamify the distribution of a Crypto Coin to the masses.

Wolf of Vladyland: Sometimes small things bring to big decisions, ha?

Manny: It was a true revelation moment for me that changed the course of my life.

Wolf of Vladyland: Glad you find your passion, man.

Wolf of Vladyland: Tell us about the team working on the project! What are their backgrounds? How many of you are currently engaged in it?

Manny: Our CTO, Boban Pavloski, is a senior software architect with over ten years of experience in telecommunications technology. His passion for distributed computing, high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, and functional programming has contributed to several Microsoft open source projects such as Orleans, DotNetty, Ambrosia, and Akka.NET.

Our Blockchain Expert Andre Gomes has been a Software Engineer for almost a decade and was a Bitcoin early adopter. Since 2014 he has worked with a variety of projects focused on blockchain technology.

We have 5 Other Senior Developers, 2 App Developers, and 2 UI/UX experts, and much more. All their bios can be found here

Wolf of Vladyland: Experienced team.

I need to ask this… The first thing that caught my attention on your website is the part “Motivated by 17 powerful goals”. Can you elaborate on this?

Manny: We believe in a society that works for everyone, so while we do not like the United Nations, their 17 SDGs are very powerful. So we are Motivated by those 17 SDGs to make a better world. Here are more details.

Wolf of Vladyland: Very nice. Which one is your top pick from that list?

Manny: Quality Education: Access to the right information is Key for people to move forward. Here in the crypto space, we are the best example. Since we know about this first and educated ourselves on the topic now, we all have an advantage over the rest. Access to high-quality education should be accessible for everyone.

Wolf of Vladyland: Fair point. I just wish we can get over poverty.

Wolf of Vladyland: The app is a mix of Shopify, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok… but oriented on rewarding their users, if I am not mistaken.

Can you tell us more about your plans to protect users’ data and also a rewarding system — will all creators be rewarded or have some rules here?

Manny: We plan rewards for all in-app actions. Every single action inside the app increases your Luckiness level and triggers rewards as users are engaged with the social platform. Our Rewards Engine transfers this value directly to the users as they use the app. We reward literally every action except Likes.

That includes all content creators and artists that get even bigger rewards based on how well their content performs on the platform.

Wolf of Vladyland: Nice to hear. What market will be your key focus since you are planning to tap into e-commerce?

We all know the US has a really big market, but to me, it seems they are losing the race with Asians, mainly because of the regulations.

Manny: In our App, anybody can create a Store and Sell anything (like eBay or Shopify). The currency of choice would be Omni Coins for those transactions. That helps a lot with the regulators as we are not a Fiat on Ramp (yet). We plan to partner with Major Brands that would list their latest collections to be sold right inside the App. For example, a Brand like L’Oreal can List their latest Makeup, then using our Influencer/Brand Matching engine. They can hire makeup influencers to make Sponsored Videos of their latest collection. Users can buy right from the store from the influencer post giving the brand a plethora of analytical data about how well that influencer campaign performed. We will save major Brands Millions on unnecessary Advertising costs.

Wolf of Vladyland: Sounds like a go-to platform for shopping and advertising.

Manny: It is an All in One Mega App.

Wolf of Vladyland: Speaking of regulations, did you have any hurdles since you are guaranteeing the rewards to your app's users?

Manny: Rewarding users for Actions in the App is nothing new. We are just taking it to the next level. Since we are giving away a Crypto Coin and not Fiat currencies, that helps us be on most countries' legal side except those that have banned crypto.

30% of the company’s profits shall be exchanged into crypto and used to purchase OMNI Coins every quarter. The OMNI Coins purchased every Quarter would be Transferred to the Rewards Engine wallet to be distributed to our Active users.

Omni, Inc. would start making quarterly purchases 1 year after the App is 100% Live. This allows the company enough time to build cash flow and profits to solidify the foundations of a world-class social media app.

Wolf of Vladyland: What coins are you planning to support for swaps? You mentioned only Bitcoin… And will there be any fiat to crypto options?

Manny: We plan to Create a Pair with BTC inside a DEX. From there, we will talk with CEX for integrations, but BTC would be the main pair to start.

Wolf of Vladyland: Regarding tokens…

30% of the profits will be used to buy back tokens for the rewards pool… Are you planning to burn some?

Manny: No. The OMNI Coins purchased every Quarter would be Transferred to the Rewards Engine wallet to be distributed to our Active users.

The Company never keeps any of those coins.

Wolf of Vladyland: I see. Thanks for clearing that up

Wolf of Vladyland: You also mentioned guerilla marketing. For these kinds of dapps, adoption is the key. I assume you can’t talk about the names of the influencers you are planning to onboard…

But can you tell us at least what industries you are targeting?

Manny: Such a Great question. Due to the nature of our app, we are not limited to only Crypto Influencers. We have an outreach marketing team and plan that will be executed once the Beta is out. We plan to present this app to every Tier 1 and tier 2 influencer in every sector: Singers, Actors, Writers, Athletes, and much more. We plan to do so in every country we penetrate. Once we onboard an influencer, we effectively onboard their communities into our app, taking that way the concept of Crypto to the masses. Our Success is measured in app downloads.

Wolf of Vladyland: Yes, of course.

“We plan to do so in every country we penetrate.” Any specific country/continent for the beginning?

Manny: USA, CA, and Latin America are our First Targets.

Nonetheless, the app will be available Global from day 1. So we will let organic growth takes place as the app gets popular in the first few countries.

Once established in each country, we plan to move the marketing efforts to the next and so on with several viral marketing campaigns from influencers.

Wolf of Vladyland: You are planning to raise 6.5 million USD. Isn’t this too much for one dapp? Where will funds be spent?

Manny: Of course it is not. Every project is different. We are not a Dapp. We are a Full Flesh True Social Media App with AI technologies, App technologies, and Blockchain Technologies already built that have to be improved upon and maintained vs. many other dAPPs that just use a Simple Smart Contract that cost $10k to code yet they raise millions. $6.5 is actually a small amount for what we are building. We cover that topic well in this video.

Wolf of Vladyland: Oh, I see. And when will the sale be? Any dates? I guess that Raccoons would want to know this.

Manny: Details about the sale and Form for inquiries can be found here.

Wolf of Vladyland: Can you tell Raccoons what your roadmap looks like? What do you have in plans from this point on?

Manny: One Top Milestone was Achieved last September when we finally had a working Pre-Alpha.

Here is a Demo: Pre-Alpha Demo:

We started working on all the Substrate-based Blockchain Technology, which was completed in January.

Omni Blockchain Explorer Demo:

Right now, we are Expanding our Backend Infrastructure as we built the whole thing from the ground up to be fully scalable. We aim to deliver a Top-Notch Experience just as any of your Tier 1 Apps.

For the Chat Functions, we are Integrating State-of-the-art end-to-end encryption (powered by the open-source Signal Protocol) to keep your conversations secure.

Right now, we are conducting the Seed, Private, and Public Sale rounds, expecting to be on exchanges in May or June.

Once that takes place, we will move forward with our Beta Release in Q3 2021.

In the next few weeks, we will have a Full Roadmap page up on our Website as this is a Never-Ending Development Process like any other True Social Media App. We have many more new Exciting features that we plan to incorporate.

For now, a Temp Roadmap is shown in our Light paper

Wolf of Vladyland: Thanks for sharing all of this, Manny.

Manny: Is a true pleasure, bud.

Wolf of Vladyland: I think we can move to questions now if it is ok with you…

Manny: That sounds great.

Wolf of Vladyland: You will choose 3 to answer, and after that, choose 1 to be the winner.

Manny: Ok, perfect.

[63 Community Questions Sent]

Wolf of Vladyland: And we are muted again.

Manny: Wow, nice.

Wolf of Vladyland: Your choice, @mannywisdom

Community Q&A Portion

Community Question #1: “The security and protection of users’ data are very paramount to users in projects like this. What kind of security protocol does Omni use? How does Omni secure calls and messages for users? And how are posts, videos, and user data encrypted?”

Manny: Great Question!! Audio or video calls, as well as chat messages to other users, use State-of-the-art end-to-end encryption (powered by the open-source Signal Protocol) to keep your conversations secure.

Social Media posts like Videos, posts, and other customer data in the platform are encrypted using the SHA-256 encryption Algorithm and hosted on decentralized environments, preventing the system from having a central point of attack.

Community Question #2: “I love that the chats on OMNI are end-to-end encrypted. However, I’m a little more worried about the OMNI wallet. How secured is it? Would I be able to hold other tokens/coins on it outside OMNI tokens?”

Manny: At Omni, we are already tapping into already existing open-source and highly secured wallet technologies already built to work for Polkadot and other Substrate-based projects. We are not re-inventing the wheel here. Data files and all other important stuff get encrypted and are held locally at the device level. We will have much more details about this part in our Whitepaper coming out very soon.

Community Question #3: Revenue is an important aspect for all projects to survive and maintain the project/company. What is the way to generate profit/revenue of tokens? What is the income model?

Manny: Our Revenue comes from many places, but here are a few of the top ones.


Fees to be charged on a per-transaction basis.


Revenue to be generated per click per advertisement.


Commission to be charged to the brands directly on products ordered and influencers hired.


AI Algorithms will help Match Brands with the right influencers that are best suited for their brands based on influencer engagement results. Transaction Fees would be charged for facilitating the collaboration among brands and influencers.


Social Shopping is one of our core functions at Omni. We aim to collaborate with all the NFT Projects in the space to enable a hub where people can come and trade back and forth NFTs from all their favorite Games and Ecosystems.

Community Question #4: “Some digital platforms have made it clear that they sell or use their users' data. What are OMNI’s principles in this regard? How will you ensure the confidentiality of user data?”

Manny: We plan to do the exact same thing Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and all others do. We will use the best AI technologies to ensure we deliver an ads platform that keeps the user engaged with our ads without feeling intrusive.

Companies will never stop monetizing your data, no matter how much people push against it. At Omni, we believe that you are the true owner of that economic value that is being generated thanks to your data, and we plan to transfer that value back to you in the form of Omni Coins.

Wolf of Vladyland: This was great talk, Manny. Thank you so much for taking time to come here and teach us about OMNI.

Let me send the links again.

Visit their website here:

Here’s their Telegram:

And Twitter:

Manny: Thank you for having me over. This was much fun. Let’s do it again once the App is Out in Q3.

Wolf of Vladyland: Sounds like a plan.




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