OMNI is Proud to Welcome Jeremy Gardner as New Strategic Advisor

New Insights and New Ideas. Taking OMNI, Inc to Its Full Potential.

The OMNI team is always looking to include in their brainstorming process new people that can come with new and fresh ideas to make OMNI reach its full potential and give the power back to the people, which is why we are proud to announce our newest Strategic Advisor.

Jeremy Gardner

Jeremy is one of those brilliant minds that you don’t find every day. While attending the University of Michigan, he had the vision to see the real value of the Blockchain and how it would impact the world, which is why that year he founded the Blockchain Educational Network (BEN), because although he could see the potential within the most important invention in recent times after the internet, he also wanted the people to understand it as well.

Later in 2016, Jeremy decided to leave his studies at university to follow his real determination. He participated as a co-founder in Augur, the decentralized prediction market platform, and also led their ICO, which was the first-ever on Ethereum and basically was the first “Utility Token” taking cryptocurrencies to a whole new level, simply genius.

After this, Jeremy worked as an entrepreneur-in-residence and investor at Blockchain Capital (Coinbase, Kraken, Abra, etc.), where he sourced over a half dozen investments and helped structure the firm’s landmark security token ICO, and founded a new company as well (how about that entrepreneurship and multitasking?) SAAVHA, a legacy database security firm. He also served as the founding editor-in-chief of Distributed Magazine.

In 2018 he co-founded another amazing project, Ausum Ventures, which the idea behind it is simply astonishing. It is a hybrid venture-hedge fund that focuses specifically on the intersection of blockchain technology and the social impact that it can have.

Being on the crypto-space focusing on the blockchain for so many years has given him that eagle vision to see what others can’t see. While working on Ausum Ventures, Jeremy invested in over 100 startups that, to this day, are worth billions of dollars. Jeremy acted as an early backer and advisor to some of the most successful blockchain and crypto projects, making him earn nearly $100M in returns. By 2019 Jeremy received an award as one of the 100 most influential people in the crypto space by “Modern Consensus” due to his amazing work and vision to make the crypto space grow.

Nowadays, Jeremy is still working at Ausum Ventures as the Managing Partner, and he’s focused on helping and advising some top-notch projects to come into the market.

Here at OMNI, we are delighted to have someone with the experience and the vision that Jeremy has, as we are sure that with his help, we will enhance this project and take it to the next level with his ideas and the effort of all of us together as a team. Our goal at OMNI is to give back the power to the people, make their time have real value, and start making things more transparent using the blockchain as our ally.

If you want to make the change today and start experiencing OMNI, click here. You can read out our whitepaper here and also follow us on Telegram, Twitter, and Youtube.



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