a New All in One Social App with a Powerful Blockchain Rewards Engine

The app gathers all the social media features you love and rewards you for using them.

What Is Omni?

Omni is a unique app that combines the best features of several apps, such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, Paypal, Shopify, and eBay. It’s the first of kind with Omni Feed AI Technology, which comprises a Vertical & Horizontal swipe approach in the same feed.

This People Driven App's main objective is to make life easier, warranting a smooth user experience by integrating the most important social media features in one place. Inside the app, you can:

  • Go live
  • Share stories
  • Create channels
  • Chat with other users
  • Video or audio call
  • Sell or buy products in stores
  • Create videos and photos with special effects
  • Much more

What Makes Omni Different?

Economically Benefits Its Users

There’s significant money involved in the social media industry, and people are getting none of it, although they’re who make their apps valuable. The social media market size is anticipated to increase from USD 7.26 billion in 2020 to USD 25.96 billion by 2026. Facebook ranked first among social media companies in annual revenue and reported USD 86 and 29.15 billion of annual revenue and net income in 2020. And not a single penny from those profits in that or other social apps will get to your pockets.

Omni, thanks to blockchain technology, sights to compensate its users in the form of coins. The OMNI Coin is sourced on the profits of the company. Therefore, the app offers a never-had-before experience where social and economic factors benefit the user.

OMNI coins have several uses; for example, users can send the coin to friends through chat, tip their favorite content creator, unlock special features, purchase gear from in-app stores, send digital gifts, NFTs, and more.

Sourced on Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is, simply put, data stored and maintained by a decentralized network of computers. It definitely re-shaped how the world handles data and transfer value, allowing the users to empower themselves, overlooking the few existing companies that aim to constitute monopolies, like the current social media apps. Blockchain is trustable and safe. Everything that is done on it is registered and verifiable 100% of the time; it allows constructing a community of collaborators with the same goal.

The Omni App Rewards System is built on a blockchain-based on Substrate, the tooling used to create Polkadot Blockchain. Consequently, each user will have their own secured Omni Coin Wallet to control the funds in a decentralized and 100% transparent way using blockchain technology. There are no banks involved in handling or taking a portion of the earnings; one of the most important blockchain technology features is independence from those intermediaries. Users can freely exchange their Omni Coins via a decentralized system, such as Polkadex.

Earn Money While Scrolling and Having Fun

Have you ever wondered, I am spending all this time on this social media app, and I am not getting anything in return? Well, that is an issue addressed by this app. In 2020, people, on average, spent 145 minutes per day in a social media app. This situation translated into huge returns for social media companies, and the users found themselves just spending their time socially interacting with people but without any other benefit.

OMNI’s coin distribution is through an incentive mechanism.

Omni will reward its users according to weights and luck probabilities as they perform everyday in-app actions, such as following a content creator or creating a news feed post. What does this mean? It does not matter if you’re producing the content or solely enjoying it. Everyone in the Omni app will be rewarded. Amongst the actions within the app that will translate into OMNI coins include:

  • Contact referrals
  • Follow a content creator
  • Share a post/video
  • Create a video
  • Post a story/status
  • Create a news feed post
  • Tip content creators
  • Follow a content creator
  • Chat with friend/users
  • React/duet with the content creator video
  • Buy product from the content creator
  • Create a news feed post
  • Livestream on a platform

Built All-In-One

Probably right now, you need to switch between apps in order to enjoy their unique features. This tedious process can be frustrating. In Omni, there’s everything you need in one place. The app is thought to make your life easier, not complicate it.

Besides, if you’re a brand or an e-commerce business, you need to create different marketing campaigns for various applications. This situation will not happen anymore in Omni, as every necessary aspect of social media apps is together in one app.

Who Are We?

We’re people-driven. The first social media app to pledge its wealth to its users is here, and it’s huge.

What Is Our Ethos?

Our beliefs start with you, the people. Without you, our platform would be nothing, and that is why we believe in wealth sharing. From our company culture to our mission, we’re aligned with our vision and set of core values. We’re committed to sharing our platform and all of its successes with you.

For years, big tech companies have hoarded the excess wealth generated from their platforms. We know that the source of all of this wealth is you. And that is why we’re a purpose-driven entity focused on the people and improving the world’s well-being.

At Omni, we’ve integrated our beliefs into our frontier technologies to develop tools that compensate users for their use of the Platform while providing a pleasurable and trusted social media platform.

What Is Our Vision?

It’s our firm belief system that directly impacts our vision for our company and the world. We aim to help facilitate positive change and financial prosperity, all while empowering the people and our users.

The premise is simple, transition the power and wealth from big tech companies to normal-everyday people. To us, we believe this is just the fair share.

What Is Our Mission?

It’s as simple as groundbreaking: revolutionize big tech and social media with our all-in-one mega app. Omni is rolling out technologies and platforms with concepts that have never been done before.

We’re taking all of the features of the world’s hottest apps and combining them into one platform. The only app you’ll ever need for messaging, streaming, sharing, and interacting with content and its creators.

Our mission is to take poverty head-on by rewarding our users, the people who give Omni its true value.

We’re pioneering the world’s first user-compensating app to change the universe of social media and tech forever. Omni is bringing new power to the people.

Omni’s Journey

The last year we’re proud to say that we completed an alpha version for the OMNI App for iPhone & Android, improved design and architecture, and developed the OMNI Coin private chain.

In the first quarter of 2021, we aim to scale OMNI infrastructure, develop the OMNI chat & Wallet, and have the OMNI coin generation event. For then, progressively, in the second and third quarter, we aim to:

  • Develop the OMNI reward system
  • Elaborate the OMNI Dub & Duet
  • Having the OMNI Beta Program Release
  • Prepare OMNI for Public Release
  • Having the OMNI Coin Initial DEX Offering

If you want to make the change today and start experiencing OMNI, click here. You can also follow us on Telegram, Twitter, and Youtube.



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