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How OMNIA requests become untraceable

At OMNIA, we dedicate ourselves to providing you with the essential privacy and security when accessing the blockchain. With our extensive research experience, academic background and cybersecurity good practices, we ensure your privacy is protected, and no blockchain node will have access to your sensitive personal data.

Wait, what’s a node?
For the uninitiated beginners in the crypto space or those who need a quick refresher, a node is simply any device that connects to the blockchain network and runs its consensus. This device could be either a computer at home, a server in the cloud or a special resource from a node provider— all of them designated to keep a copy of the blockchain’s distributed ledger.

So how does OMNIA protect me?
In the age of DeFi marketplaces, privacy and security are of utmost importance. Many of the current blockchain privacy solutions cater to this need, but none of them is an all-encompassing solution: they only cover your on-chain activity (amounts and recipients information after the transaction has been mined) but leave a vital gap on the off-chain side.

Omnia recognizes this issue and is the answer to your off-chain privacy concerns. By leveraging mixnets — a battle-tested and reliable privacy technology, OMNIA makes sure your data is protected. What these mixnets do is essentially take in your data and blend it with the data of other users. The mixnets will then pass this bunch of data around in its network of privacy relayers. As a result, no malicious parties can trace your identity after the data is sufficiently tossed around these intermediaries.

But we don’t just stop there. Using timing obfuscation and decoy traffic injection, OMNIA makes traffic correlation impossible, thus also protecting you from sophisticated attacks.

Impressive! But why is off-chain privacy important?
It’s common practice to own multiple crypto accounts. For example, some people might want to diversify their assets, and others want to trade on DEXs and CEXs separately. Therefore, these accounts should remain private and never linked to each other. However, by using your off-chain data, it is still possible to link these accounts.

To explain further, we must mention DERP, a demonstration tool developed by HOPR (they are also building great stuff with mixnets). DERP tool help you understand what information you broadcast and expose to the world when interacting with the blockchain. DERP stands for Dumb Ethereum RPC Provider, and it shows you all the metadata you reveal when using crypto services, even if you don’t make an actual transaction.

An experiment on DERP’s interaction with Metamask shows that as soon as you boot up the service (i.e., clicking the Metamask extension button), it sends a request to an RPC endpoint provider to receive the number of tokens it has to display on the user interface.

The bad part about this request is that it contains ALL of your addresses, even when you are only using one of them. This means said RPC provider can do anything they want with the data: store, share or sell it. All this can happen without you even initiating a transaction.

This incident proves the mistake of carrying Web 2.0 thinking over into the Web3 era. At OMNIA, our solution prevents such errors from happening and ensures your off-chain data security. Our secure endpoints safeguard your privacy in the age of blockchain transactions.

Generate your secure endpoint at
See the tutorial here on how to use it in your MetaMask wallet.

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What to know more about us?

Introducing OMNIA
By foreseeing the state of the current blockchain application network, we have committed to preparing, researching, and applying our technical expertise to our latest project, Omnia.

Omnia Protocol is a decentralized infrastructure protocol for securely accessing the blockchain so that no single point of failure will ever disrupt blockchain applications or wallets integrating with it.

Omnia’s solution is truly decentralized and requires zero technical knowledge. Therefore, all users can set up their nodes in little time and effort. Learn more about the technological marvel behind Omnia by following our Medium or reading our whitepaper.

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