OMNIA Protocol Raises $3.2 Million in Oversubscribed Fundraise

J.P. Njui
OMNIA Protocol
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3 min readApr 6, 2022


OMNIA Protocol is delighted and proud to announce it has successfully raised a total of $3.2 million in an overly subscribed funding round that saw the participation of numerous prominent investors in the blockchain and DeFi space.

Prominent investment firms, influencers, and community-based funds participate in OMNIA Protocol’s fundraising process, which resulted in it being oversubscribed by more than 10x. Interest in the project came from many investment funds, starting with DAO Maker as lead investor, LD Capital, Evanghelion, ReBlock, Raptor Capital, Halvings Capital, LVT Capital, and New Tribe Capital.

Investors in OMNIA also include Plutus VC, Flow Investments, Avstar Capital, AlfaCatalyst, AZer Capital, QuickShock, CSP DAO, Kondr VC, Keys Capital, Vespartine Capital, Zephyrus Capital, Fish DAO, DCT Capital, AB Ventures, Grizzly Capital, CA Capital, Vision Capital, 32 Ventures, Stacker VC, Nodeseeds and Safelaunch among many others.

The funds will allow OMNIA to successfully build the decentralized infrastructure protocol for accessing the blockchain without risk, so no single point of failure can disrupt blockchain applications or wallets interacting with them.

Reading and writing to blockchains shouldn’t be centralized or managed but instead should be performed in a decentralized manner in which every node is incentivized to help with access to the network in a trusted way.

OMNIA Protocol’s solutions

OMNIA Protocol’s infrastructure consists of blockchain nodes and privacy relayers that act as decentralized API gateways for accessing the blockchain. These roles are not mutually exclusive, although if one entity is both a relayer and a node owner, then any request to this specific relayer will be routed to another node owner to preserve privacy.

The protocol also offers users distinct features that enhance the decentralization of blockchain networks and protect users against several shortcomings, including frontrunning. These features are:

  • Providing untraceable access to the blockchain
  • Turning any blockchain node into a revenue stream, incentivizing it to be at its best state
  • Allowing anyone to earn rewards by hosting and maintaining a node on a specific blockchain

We want to thank the community, investors, partners, and our hardworking team for supporting and believing in our vision that OMNIA will be the natural choice for accessing any blockchain in a trustworthy and failproof manner, regardless of the network.

Your contribution has helped us take successful strides in OMNIA’s journey and will help launch the platform successfully to drive mass adoption.

Stay tuned to catch all the updates regarding the upcoming Public Sale on DAO Maker, in which $OMNIA tokens are being sold at a $25 million valuation. The tokens will have an initial circulating supply of 7,045,600, with $200,000 raised in the DAO Round.

About OMNIA Protocol

By foreseeing the state of the current blockchain application network, we have committed to preparing, researching, and applying our technical expertise to our latest project, OMNIA.

OMNIA Protocol is a decentralized infrastructure protocol for securely accessing the blockchain so that no single point of failure will ever disrupt blockchain applications or wallets integrating with it.

OMNIA’s solution is truly decentralized and requires zero technical knowledge. Therefore, all users can set up their nodes in little time and effort. Learn more about the technological marvel behind OMNIA by following our Medium or reading our whitepaper.

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