Omnichannel vs. Multichannel

Convert From multi-channel strategy to omni-channel communication

Lets first talk about the difference between omnichannel and multi-channel. Although the words ‘omni’ and ‘multi’ almost mean the same thing and in some cases they are interchangable, in the case of customer service centers, they totally carry different meanings and characteristics.

When e-mail started to be used in addition to phone calls for inqueries years ago, the concept multichannel support has arose. It meant that every time a new channel was introduced to the customers, a separate procedure had to be implemented to be able to support the customers. In other words, every inquery made within multichannel support operates independently of the others, so actions taken and documented in one solution are not reflected in the others.

Consequently, the underlying system within multichannel support caused a major burden to customers as they had to repeat themselves each and every time they had to move to a new channel.

On the other hand, when brands convert to omnichannel support provision, the brands allow their customers to freely and easily use all channels of evaluation and switch between them without any major drawback, loss of information or need of repeating the whole process.